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This page is an index of articles and other written resources, including reports, interviews, book and anthology excerpts, PowerPoint presentations, and presentation transcripts for authors and speakers with last names starting with “R.

Natalie Reitman-White

Packaging And Plastics: What’s A Consumer to Do? Article by Natalie Reitman-White and Bob Doppelt. Reviews the problems and sustainable solutions in plastic packaging. Includes discussions of our throw away society, plant-based bioplastics, compostability and recycling issues, genetically engineered plastics, corn plastic, and consumer choices. Article >>

John Marshall Roberts

Leveraging Purpose: The Fourth Bottom Line. Article by John Marshall Roberts. The main cause of inertia on sustainability issues isn't material or intellectual - it's emotional. Most people just don't take action (of any kind) unless they feel it will impact them directly. So how can you help your coworkers locate that sense of purpose? Tell 'em a great story. Article >>

Three Species Of Environmental Cynicism. Article by John Marshall Roberts. Have you ever been frustrated by the cynicism and apathy that you encounter when trying to convey our environmental challenges to a non-believer? If you answered yes, then keep reading. Article >>

Joe Romm

Why Aren’t Politicians Listening to Joe Romm About Climate Change? Interview with Joe Romm. For years, he's been arguing that talking about the science of warming is a winning political strategy. Now, new polling data are backing him up. Romm argues for a much more assertive effort by politicians and others to communicate effectively about the dangers of climate change. Article >>

Eric Rosenblum

Present Value, Future Value: Intergenerational Ethics In Water Supply Planning. Article by Eric Rosenblum. In 1746 Benjamin Franklin warned, "When the Well's dry, we know the Worth of Water." As difficult as it is to anticipate thirst in the midst of rain, it is even harder to appreciate today the needs of generations yet unborn, and to provide for them. Article >>

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