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This page is an index of articles and other written resources, including reports, interviews, book and anthology excerpts, PowerPoint presentations, and presentation transcripts for authors and speakers with last names starting with “C.”

Michael Castleman

"" BUG OFF! Alternatives to DEET Insect Repellents. Article by Michael Castleman. The widely used bug repellent, DEET, has a downside. It may be hazardous to some children. There's no reason to panic, but this summer, you might try one of the growing number of non-DEET alternatives. Since 1961, a handful of medical journal reports have blamed the chemical for confusion, convulsions, brain damage, and even three deaths in children. Article >> More about Michael Castleman >>

"" The Lead Hazard: The More We Learn, The HEAVIER The Problem Looks. Article by Michael Castleman. Not long ago, the threat of lead poisoning seemed far removed from the middle class. Scientists believed that lead, a highly toxic mineral, affected only children so poor that hunger drove them to eat lead-laced paint chips peeling from inner-city tenement walls. But no one is exempt from the lead hazard any longer. Article >> More about Michael Castleman >>

"" Are Marine Mammals the New Canaries? Pollution Targets the Immune System. Article by Michael Castleman. In the Baltic Sea during early 1988, more than half of the harbor seals - some 25,000 animals - suddenly died. The die-off, the largest ever recorded for seals, was caused by a virus very similar to the one that causes distemper in dogs. Environmentalists immediately pointed to the cause - industrial wastes. Article >> More about Michael Castleman >>

Rob Caughlan

"" Damn the Torpedoes & Torpedo the Dams. Article by Rob Caughlan. Four hundred miles of California's fabulous beaches are starving for sand, but surfers and other beach lovers have the muscle to bring them back. "We know why they're starving and shrinking, and we know how to rescue them." Article >> More about Rob Caughlan >>

Dan Chiras

"" All About Insulation. Article by Dan Chiras. The ABCs of insulation, including how to tell what you need and how to select material. Covers both conventional insulation options as well as natural and unconventional alternatives. Article >> More about Dan Chiras >>

"" Build a Solar Home and Let the Sunshine In. Article by Dan Chiras. Practical suggestions for building a home that employs passive solar features at little additional cost but with great savings in both energy and money. Article >> More about Dan Chiras >>

"" Buyer's Guide to Solar Heating. Article by Dan Chiras. A basic overview as well as buying and installing tips for solar air and water heating systems. Article >> More about Dan Chiras >>

"" EcoKids: Raising Children Who Care for the Earth. Book excerpt by Dan Chiras. EcoKids (Buy Here >>) presents a coherent plan that helps parents foster love for nature, teach children the importance of environmental protection, promote environmental values, and inspire actions that will last a lifetime. Book Excerpt >> Buy Here >> More about Dan Chiras >>

"" The Energy-Efficient Home. Article by Dan Chiras. Explains the essential elements of building an energy-efficient home and the substantial savings, resale value gains, and environmental benefits possible. Article >> More about Dan Chiras >>

"" Sunshine From a Tube. Article by Dan Chiras. Tubular skylights provide natural lighting and offer cost-savings. In commercial spaces, where lights often are on eight or more hours per day, one 10-inch tubular skylight providing 4,200 lumens of light for eight hours a day will save a business owner about $70 per year on the electrical bill. Article >> More about Dan Chiras >>

Dennis Church

"" New Paradigm For Local Government. Article by Dennis Church. The pressure on governments at all levels to change they way they do business is growing steadily. Public confidence in governmental institutions is low. Polls show many people feel a deep anxiety about the future. People no longer take a better future for their children as an article of faith. Article >> More about Dennis Church >>

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