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This page is an index of articles and other written resources, including reports, interviews, book and anthology excerpts, PowerPoint presentations, and presentation transcripts for authors and speakers with last names starting with “G.”

Richard Gertman

From Wastes To Resources: It's Time for a Paradigm Shift. Article by Richard Gertman. We need to return to the goal -- sensible diversion programs that recover materials and maintain their value. "Resources should be recovered for their value, not just to keep them out of a landfill. We need to change the focus, but to do so will require a paradigm shift." Article >>

"" Rethinking Recycling. Article by Susan Kinsella and Richard Gertman. Each success and failure reverberates throughout every sector of the recycling industry, but no changes affect the industry more so than the push toward single-stream recycling collection and processing. Article >>

"" Single Stream Recycling Best Practices Implementation Guide. Report by Susan Kinsella and Richard Gertman. While the advantages of single stream collection programs have been driving hundreds of U.S. and Canadian communities to embrace single stream recycling, the problems it can create have yet to be adequately addressed and resolved. Instead, the necessarily collaborative nature of the overall recycling system has been fraying. Report >>

"" Success In Selective Routing. Article by Richard Gertman and Tracie Onstad Bills. How can recycling collectors ensure clean material when serving the commercial space? One innovative approach involves strategically picking up loads from businesses that generate similar types of discards. Article >>

"" What Does Mandatory Recycling Really Mean? Article by Richard Gertman. Recycling programs throughout California recover significant quantities of recyclable materials, but over half of all materials still being landfilled are recyclable or compostable.  Even though most communities collect paper in their curbside recycling programs, over 20 percent of the remaining residential waste is recyclable paper. Article >>

Tom Goldtooth

"" Climate Change Bill Fails To Address Indigenous Rights. Interview with Tom Goldtooth. Goldtooth has been an environmental leader for Native American's for over three decades. He talks with Democracy Now! about how climate change legislation fails to protect their communities from environmental degradation. Interview >>

Eban Goodstein

"" Abrupt Climate Change And The Economy: A Survey With Application To Oregon. Report by Eban Goodstein and Bob Doppelt. This report outlines the possibilities for an abrupt climate change scenario, which would have potentially catastrophic impacts for Oregon’s economy, and evaluates insurance industry motives for reducing global warming emissions in the state. Report >>

David Gottfried

David Gottfried Lights The Fuse For 'Explosion Green'. Interview with David Gottfried. The founder of both the U.S. Green Building Council and the World Green Building Council, Gottfried has helped to catalyze a multi-billion-dollar industry that's transformed how we think about the built environment. This program discusses how he views the movement he helped create and his wish list for what needs to happen next. Interview >>

The Greenest House. Interview with David Gottfried. Green is beautiful, says Gottfried, and he has renovated his house to prove it. His 1915 Craftsman home in Berkeley, California is so energy efficient that it has received the highest U.S. building rating for a reconstructed building – a platinum LEED certification. Where in all this are eco-lessons the average homeowner can put into practice? Interview >>

Live Clean and Go Green. Interview with David Gottfried. In this interview, Gottfried shares why it’s so important to shift to a greener lifestyle today. Lifestyle changes can protect the health of your family right now, and they can protect the planet for the generations to come. Interview >>

Metropolis On Green Building. Interview with David Gottfried. Kira Gould, director of communications for William McDonough + Partners, talks with United States Green Building Council founder David Gottfried about his latest activities and plans. Interview >>

Roger Gottlieb

A Greener Faith: Religious Environmentalism And Our Planet's Future. Book excerpt by Roger Gottlieb. A Greener Faith examines religious green activism in the U.S., but also looks at Zimbabwe, Taiwan and the Vatican. The approach is ecumenical, encompassing Jewish and Christian theologians who have found a powerful biblical call to stewardship of God's creation, and Buddhist teachers who are prompted by their belief in compassion to extend care to the natural world. Book Excerpt >>

Joining Hands: Politics And Religion Together For Social Change. Book excerpt by Roger Gottlieb. Joining Hands explores the values religion and progressive politics bring to their respective spheres and their potential to offer a common vision in addressing a range of issues, including human rights, the environment, globalization, and world poverty. Book Excerpt >>

Liberating Faith – Religious Voices For Justice, Peace, And Ecological Wisdom. Book excerpt by Roger Gottlieb. The Liberating Faith anthology shows how religion has joined with and learned from movements for social justice, peace, and ecological wisdom. Containing voices from a multitude of traditions, national settings, and perspectives, this book is an introduction to global religious social activism. Book Excerpt >>

The Oxford Handbook Of Religion And Ecology. Book excerpt by Roger Gottlieb. The Oxford Handbook examines the interaction between religion and ecology. Explores traditional religious concepts of and attitudes towards nature and how these have been changed by the environmental crisis, looks at larger conceptual issues that transcend individual traditions, and examines religious participation in environmental politics. Book Excerpt >>

Elizabeth Grossman

Chasing Molecules: Poisonous Products, Human Health, And The Promise Of Green Chemistry. Book excerpt by Elizabeth Grossman. In Chasing Molecules, Grossman shows that for the sake of convenience, efficiency, and short-term safety, we have created synthetic chemicals that fundamentally change the way our bodies work. The consequences range from diabetes to cancer, reproductive and neurological disorders. However, Grossman argues that a new "green" scientific revolution is introducing products that are “benign by design” and that will allow us our creature comforts without the side effects. Book Excerpt >>

"" Chemicals May Play Role In Rise In Obesity. Article by Elizabeth Grossman. "Too many calories and too little exercise are undeniably the major factors contributing to the obesity epidemic, but several recent animal studies suggest that environmental exposure to widely used chemicals may also help make people fat." Article >>

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