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This page is an index of articles and other written resources, including reports, interviews, book and anthology excerpts, PowerPoint presentations, and presentation transcripts for authors and speakers with last names starting with “N.”

Wallace ‘J’ Nichols

#OccupyTheOcean. Article by Wallace ‘J’ Nichols. The ocean covers more than 70 percent of the Earth's surface, holds more than 80 percent of its biodiversity and 90 percent of its habitat. Phytoplankton in the ocean provide more than half of our oxygen and provide the primary protein for more than a billion people. More than half a billion people owe their livelihoods to the seafood industry. Humans have derived inspiration, joy, recreation and relaxation from the ocean for millennia, but we have treated the ocean poorly and its decline in recent decades has been catastrophic for our planet and its people. Article >>

Blue Mind. Article by Wallace ‘J’ Nichols. It turns out that globally, the ocean imparts a trillion-dollar premium on hotel rooms, condos, houses and all other forms of coastal real estate. People want to see and hear the sea from where they eat and sleep and are willing to shell out a lot of green to get some blue. Article >>

Oceanophilia. Article by Wallace ‘J’ Nichols. It's time to drop the old notions of separation between emotion and science. Emotion is science. Let's convene the top marine scientists, skilled communicators, dedicated conservationists, and leading neurobiologists and cognitive psychologists to ask and answer the most probing and compelling set of questions about the ocean that we can imagine. Article >>

"" Our Plastic Century. Article by Wallace ‘J’ Nichols. But there’s nothing convenient about our future with plastic. We have a lot of work to do to reverse this mess. There are opportunities for leadership, innovation, research, solutions, green businesses, sustainable tourism, cleanup and restoration enterprises, and as much creative passion-filled activism as we can inspire. Reigning in and reversing the century of freedom we’ve given to plastic will take an enormous wave of personal and political will. Article >>

"" What Would Jacques Do? Article by Wallace ‘J’ Nichols. We must confront our own legacy with oil, plastic and associated toxins. We should stop pouring toxins, any toxins, into the drains around us; reject anything plastic we use once then throw away; and free our homes, schools and businesses of single-use disposable plastics. Article >>

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