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This page is an index of articles and other written resources, including reports, interviews, book and anthology excerpts, PowerPoint presentations, and presentation transcripts for authors and speakers with last names starting with “H.”

Julie Halpert

"" Covering Autos, Climate, and Energy: Overcoming Challenges Facing the Media. Article by Julie Halpert. This article from The Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media provides tips to journalists seeking to cover the automobile industry. Article >> More about Julie Halpert >>

"" Diesel vs. Hybrid. Article by Julie Halpert. Discusses whether cars with more environmentally-friendly diesel engines will overtake hybrid cars. Article >> More about Julie Halpert >>

"" EPA Ann Arbor Vehicle Emissions Lab Offers Reporters Fertile Ground for Stories. Article by Julie Halpert. Tips for journalists seeking information from the Environmental Protection Agency lab. Article >> More about Julie Halpert >>

"" Museums Moving To Fill Gap On Climate Information, Education. Article by Julie Halpert. This piece for The Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media explores how museums are filling the void left from dwindling beats on environmental publications. Article >> More about Julie Halpert >>

Reese Halter

"" California Focus: State Faces Bone-Dry Forecast. Article by Reese Halter. From megadroughts to megafires, this article explains how climate change is making a significant impact on California's people and the environment. Article >> More about Reese Halter >>

"" Fish Being Disastrously Depleted. Article by Reese Halter. "The Chinese, Japanese and Russians will not support a world measure to stop overfishing sharks. The United Nations will not unanimously protect the endangered Atlantic bluefin tuna. So now it’s up to the citizens of our planet to help nature." Article >> More about Reese Halter >>

Mike Harcourt

"" Give Cities Power To Make Sustainable Change. Article by Mike Harcourt. "Our cities and communities may be on their way to becoming the most sustainable in the world - but we are facing significant choices. It is all about where we focus our attention and where we spend our resources." Article >> More about Mike Harcourt >>

Denis Hayes

"" Changing The Climate. Interview with Denis Hayes. Hayes answers questions about how to mobilize Americans to take up climate change as a top-tier issue, the politics of oil, the prospects of solar energy, and optimism for the future. Interview >> More about Denis Hayes >>

"" Cities For Climate Protection. Presentation by Denis Hayes. In this keynote to an ICLEI Cities for Climate Protection Conference, Hayes connects the dots between climate change, carbon-neutral energy sources, and the role of cities in solving this global problem. Presentation >> More about Denis Hayes >>

"" Coalition for a Livable Future. Presentation by Denis Hayes. Keynote address at the Regional Livability Summit in Portland, OR. Coordinator of the first Earth Day, Hayes gives an account of the civil rights movement and the important parallels and lessons to be learned for the success of modern environmentalism. He discusses the importance of being politically active and the need to motivate through hope rather than fear. Presentation >> More about Denis Hayes >>

"" An Ecologically Honest Bottom Line: Lessons for Business from the Collapse of the Soviet Union. Presentation by Denis Hayes. Hayes delivers a thought-provoking keynote address about the critical importance of building a new economy that is congruent with the laws of ecology. Presentation >> More about Denis Hayes >>

"" Preparing To Live In The Next Millennium. Presentation excerpts by Denis Hayes. Hayes suggests that in the grand scheme of things modern era historic events like World War II may be no more than footnotes compared to the environmental impact people are having on the planet today. Presentation Excerpts >> More about Denis Hayes >>

"" Sunpower. Article by Denis Hayes. The sun has amazing potential as an energy source, but that potential has not been harnessed to date. Several policies and steps will be needed to begin to use energy from the sun on a significant scale. Article >> More about Denis Hayes >>

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