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This page is an index of articles and other written resources, including reports, interviews, book and anthology excerpts, PowerPoint presentations, and presentation transcripts for authors and speakers with last names starting with “L.”

Dotty LeMieux

Self Help – A Trap For The Unwary. Article by Dotty LeMieux. Imagine you wake up one morning to find the neighbor’s tree has moved closer to your house. No, it didn’t get up and walk over the property line, but that limb you’ve been concerned about has sagged in the night, and now looks really menacing as it looms over your rooftop. Is it ok to take a chain saw to it before it falls on your house? The answer is not as simple as you might think. Article >>

Jonathan Lewis

"" Ethanol's Failed Promise. Article by Lester Brown and Jonathan Lewis. The "food-to-fuel" mandates should be changed because they do not move "America toward energy independence and mitigate global climate change... the evidence irrefutably demonstrates that this policy is not delivering on either goal. In fact, it is causing environmental harm and contributing to a growing global food crisis." Article >>

L. Hunter Lovins

"" Getting Down To Business. Article by L. Hunter Lovins. The failure of the world's governments to implement sustainable development is no surprise, says Lovins. They no longer run the world. Article >>

"" Mother Earth News: A Talk On Natural Capitalism. Interview with L. Hunter Lovins. Lovins discusses the problem with short-term economic thinking, the logic of natural capitalism, hydrogen fuel cell technology, trade with China, and more. Article >>

Francesca Lyman

"" Green Home Projects in a Down Economy. Article by Francesca Lyman. In this New York Times online article, Lyman talks about the challenges and opportunities for green home builders in a challenging economic climate. Preselling, venture investment, and betting on increasing energy costs come into play. Article >>

"" The Rise of ‘Green’ Modular Homes. Article by Francesca Lyman. Michelle Kaufmann, a pioneer in green prefab designs like the solar-ready “Glide House,” which was exhibited at the National Building Design museum, applauded efforts by big manufacturers like Clayton — which is owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. “It’s a huge legitimizer of this concept,” Ms. Kaufmann said, “when Warren Buffett says this is the future.” Article >>

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