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This page is an index of articles and other written resources, including reports, interviews, book and anthology excerpts, PowerPoint presentations, and presentation transcripts for authors and speakers with last names starting with “D.”

Adam Davis

The Endangered Species Act At Thirty, Vol. 2: Conserving Biodiversity In Human-Dominated Landscapes. Book excerpt by Adam Davis. In this chapter on "Conservation Banking," market-based systems for protecting habit and species are discussed. The ability to purchase conservation credits allows developers to mitigate project impacts and landowners to benefit from protected species on their property. Book Excerpt >>

From Walden To Wall Street: Frontiers Of Conservation Finance. Book excerpt by Adam Davis. "Imagine a marketplace where each unit of improvement in environmental quality was worth real money and competition managed cost so that the greatest amount of improvement per dollar could be purchased. In fact, this kind of market activity is already under way." Book Excerpt >>

George Divoky

"" Breeding And Natal Dispersal, Nest Habitat Loss And Implications For Marbled Murrelet Populations. Anthology chapter by George Divoky and Michael Horton. The ability of Marbled Murrelets to disperse from natal sites, and their fidelity to breeding sites, has important implications for the potential of the species to respond to habitat loss and colonize or reestablish breeding areas when habitat has been altered. Anthology Chapter >>

"" Distribution And Subspecies Of The Dovekie In Alaska. Article by George Divoky et al. The Dovekie is a primarily North Atlantic alcid that also breeds in the Arctic Basin of the north-eastern U.S.S.R. and probably eastward to the Bering Strait and the northern Bering Sea. Article >>

"" Implications Of Climate Change For Alaska’s Seabirds. Article by George Divoky, et al. Seabirds are prominent and highly visible components of marine ecosystems. As prey availability changes in response to climatically driven factors such as surface sea temperature and extent of sea ice, so will populations of seabirds be affected. Article >>

Bob Doppelt

"" Abrupt Climate Change And The Economy: A Survey With Application To Oregon. Report by Eban Goodstein and Bob Doppelt. This report outlines the possibilities for an abrupt climate change scenario, which would have potentially catastrophic impacts for Oregon’s economy, and evaluates insurance industry motives for reducing global warming emissions in the state. Report >>

"" Oregon And Global Warming. Article by Bob Doppelt. A group of economists led by former World Bank chief economist Sir Nicholas Stern released the most definitive analysis of the global economic impacts of climate change yet produced. The group's findings included bad and good news. Both have important implications for Oregon. Article >>

Packaging And Plastics: What’s A Consumer to Do? Article by Natalie Reitman-White and Bob Doppelt. Reviews the problems and sustainable solutions in plastic packaging. Includes discussions of our throw away society, plant-based bioplastics, compostability and recycling issues, genetically engineered plastics, corn plastic, and consumer choices. Article >>

Josh Dorfman

Opportunity Green. Interview with Josh Dorfman. Dorfman answers questions about Vivavi, lazy environmentalism, government action on climate change, sustainable entrepreneurship, and hope for the future. Interview >>

Want To Be A Green Slacker? Interview with Josh Dorfman. Dorfman talks about his book, The Lazy Environmentalist, and the green movement at large. He gives some simple tips people can use to be green. Interview >>

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