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Commercial Strip Street Traffic

Arterial street, cars and a car carrier truck, and strip commercial development. Shot at dusk from median.

13 Stock Video Clips TRT: 3 Minutes 38 Seconds

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About The Clips: Cars and trucks on a 6-lane commercial arterial street at dusk. All clips are static shots taken from the median strip of the roadway. Retail stores, motels, fast food restaurants, and entertainment line this typical commercial strip development. One shot at high speed (aka, time-lapse) emphasizing car movements. Shot of a car carrier approaching and passing. SUVs, pickup trucks, and cars driving away from the camera. High speed and regular speed wide shots of car traffic in three lanes of oncoming traffic. Wide shots and close ups of vehicles entering turning lanes and making turns. High speed and regular speed shots showing all six lanes of traffic. Wide shot of two kids riding their bikes across the street through traffic and then riding along the median.

Comments On Clip Subjects: This group shows car dependent sprawling strip commercial development. Usually without adequate pedestrian or bicycle facilities or any integration of housing, this pattern of development is entirely auto oriented and difficult to access in any other way. It usually promotes a weakening of downtowns and commercial centers. It is the commercial development partner of sprawling suburban residential development.

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Clip Group #: vs0325 | Commercial Strip Street Traffic

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