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Electric Rototiller

Portrait shots of electric rototiller from front and side (not in use). Pans, zooms, and very close up.

8 Stock Video Clips TRT: 2 Minutes 13 Seconds

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About The Clips: Older electric rototiller, not in use. Shots of whole machine from side and front. From side, zoom into handle with electrical plug, pan down to close ups of electric motor and rototiller blades. Reverse pan back up to handle. From front, zoom in and pan up machine. Reverse. Zoom in from side to very close up shots of rototiller blades. Shot using a Panasonic DVX100 3-Chip MiniDV camera by videographer Mike Kahn in 2004 in Palo Alto, California.

Comments On Clip Subjects: Gas powered small equipment emits an air pollution load vastly disproportionate to its share of fuel use. For this reason, electric alternatives are especially helpful.

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