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Pure Mountain Water

A classic scene of pure mountain water flowing out of a gorge and over small rock falls toward the camera.

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About The Clips: Classic setting featuring a mountain creek flowing from a gorge. Opens with a slow pan from a wooded hillside with large boulders in the foreground to a shot straight up a pristine scenic gorge out of which a mountain creek bounded by boulders flows over a series of small drops toward the camera. The shot zooms in to a close up of the falling water, zooms back out and pans back to the wooded hillside. Clips include very close up shots, a pan up to clear blue sky and back down to the gorge and then the creek. Ends with a zoom in and out on a tree up the gorge. Good ambient sound of flowing water. Shot using a Panasonic DVX100 3-chip MiniDV camera by videographer Mike Kahn in March 2005 in the Little Yosemite area of the Sunol Regional Wilderness of Northern California.

Comments On Clip Subjects: This is a classic group of clips perfect for illustrating themes of pure water, mountain streams, rushing water, and natural beauty.

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Clip Group #: vs0204 | Pure Mountain Water

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