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Swollen Creek, Rushing Water

A rain-swollen creek rushes around several trees. Includes close-ups of the splashing water surface.

4 Stock Video Clips TRT: 3 Minutes 51 Seconds

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About The Clips: A rain-swollen Alameda Creek flows rapidly through wooded area and around the base of several trees. Includes zoom in to close-up shot of the rushing water surface, extended hold, then out again. Also includes tree branch dipping into and being jostled by rushing water. Shot from creek bank. Good ambient sound of rushing water. Shot using a Panasonic DVX100 3-chip MiniDV camera by videographer Mike Kahn in March 2005 in the Sunol Regional Wilderness of Northern California.

Comments On Clip Subjects: Could be used to illustrate water supply, creek flooding, rushing water, water in forest setting, and soil erosion (water contains some sediment).

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Clip Group #: vs0203 | Swollen Creek, Rushing Water

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