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Flotation Processing Of C&D Debris

Wood being recovered from construction and demolition debris via screening and processing in a float tank.

19 Stock Video Clips TRT: 9 Minutes 00 Seconds

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About The Clips: A large front loader pushes demolition debris onto a pile while water is sprayed to suppress dust. A worker sprays water with a hose as a front loader and an excavator shovel move piles of C&D debris. Excavator shovel picking up C&D debris and putting the debris onto a vibrating screen before large pieces drop into a float tank. Close-up of shovel placing debris on the vibrating screen. Front view of the vibrating screen as a front loader places debris onto it. The shot zooms out to show a worker spraying down debris and an excavator shovel working in the foreground. Panning shot from a backhoe fitted with a large rubber "squeegee" blade above an inclined ramp to an adjacent flotation tank with backhoe pushing debris toward the ramp. Then the "squeegee" skims the water surface and pulls the wood debris up the ramp from which it drops onto a conveyor. The shot then follows the "squeegee" back to the tank to sweep more wood up the ramp. Close-up of wood debris falling off the vibrating screen into the water, then pan down to the muddy water with wood pieces floating on it. The shot continues with a close-up of a shovel pushing debris across the dark water and then the backhoe with "squeegee" pulling a large load of wood up the ramp. A shot looking down at the "squeegee" dipping into the water and pulling wood debris. A shot looking down at the backhoe pushing floating wood toward the ramp with the "squeegee" equipped backhoe pulling up wood on the ramp in the background. The shot then pans to a vibrating screen with debris dropping off. Static shot of a worker with hard hat operating a backhoe. A worker picks non-wood items out of a stream of recovered wood debris moving up an inclined conveyor. Close-up shots of recovered wood debris dropping off the end of the conveyor into a large pile. Close-up and medium shots of small pieces of muddy, non-woody material removed in flotation processing dropping off a conveyor belt and into a pile. Shot of a front loader picking up muddy, non-woody waste material.

Comments On Clip Subjects: Recycling construction and demolition debris reduces the amount going into landfills and can cut C&D disposal costs. In these clips, soil is removed by using the vibrating screen before debris enters the float pond. In the float pond, the wood is skimmed off the top while other materials, including metal, concrete, and glass, sink to the bottom. The sunken materials are also recovered for further processing.

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