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Explosive Demolition

A large multi-story building is demolished with explosives and a cloud of dust rises into the air.

2 Stock Video Clips TRT: 2 Minutes 41 Seconds

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About The Clips: Static medium shot of a large multi-story building. Low buildings and leafless trees are in the foreground, and hills and overcast sky in the background. Sounds of explosives are heard, and the multi-story building begins to collapse from left to right. Clouds of light gray dust shoot out of the building's windows. As the building falls in on itself and disappears from view, a massive cloud of light gray dust billows into the sky. The dust cloud rises into the air and spreads out, drifting slowly to the right and hiding most of the hills in the background. The shot then slowly zooms out to reveal a wide river in the foreground. The second clip is a fast zoom in from a wide shot with the river to a thick cloud of dust where the building had been.

Comments On Clip Subjects: An important element of green building is how demolition of existing structures in preparation for new building is managed. Prior to demolition, reusable materials should be removed. Demolition debris is also largely recyclable. For some large-scale projects, recycling and reuse can be partially accomplished onsite using concrete crushers and other heavy equipment.

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