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Urban Edge Past Giant Oak

Zooms in and out on an urbanized valley. Shot from behind a giant oak tree on a hilltop beyond the urban edge.

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About The Clips: From a hilltop, there is a static shot of urban edge homes below with a developed valley floor in the distance. The shot then slowly zooms out revealing a majestic old oak tree on a beautiful grassy green hilltop. After a long hold, the shot slowly zooms back in past the tree, showing a slight haze over the valley. This is followed by a fast zoom out to the oak tree, a hold, and then a fast zoom back in to the houses. The final medium-paced zoom out pans up to show the oak tree's limbs and branches.

Comments On Clip Subjects: This clip illustrates the urban boundary between developed areas and undeveloped adjacent hillsides.

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Clip Group #: vs0052 | Urban Edge Past Giant Oak

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