Preview Tape 1.9
Urban Trees’s stock footage video clips are no longer available for purchase, and our individual clips are no longer available from Green Stock Media. We will continue to make our more than 5000 preview clips available for historical and archival purposes.

Pink Flowering Street Tree - vs0111
3 Clips TRT 0:36 Price: $49.00
Views of a beautiful pink flowering street tree a wideshot of the tree filling most of the frame with the street and houses in the background, a medium shot looking up at a large branch and flowers, and a close-up of blossoms at the end of a branch. QuickTime Preview Here | License Agreement | View Stills>>

White Flowering Street Trees - vs0112
6 Clips TRT 1:31 Price: $59.00
White blossoming street trees shot from across the street, the middle of the road, the bike line, and down the sidewalk. Includes views with car traffic, parked cars, cyclists, and a jogger. QuickTime Preview Here | Editorial Only | View Stills>>

Street Trees With Autumn Colors - vs0113
6 Clips TRT 1:01 Price: $49.00
Wide shot of rows of street trees with piles of fallen autumn leaves. An old man walks below a tree with beautifully backlit leaves. Shots looking up at golden leaves with trunk and branches in foreground. Panning close-up of vivid yellow/orange leaves against a blue sky. QuickTime Preview Here | License Agreement | View Stills>>

City Park Trees - vs0117
7 Clips TRT 1:34 Price: $59.00
Views of trees while driving through an urban park and by a park with water the in background. City park trees with highrises in background, shot from an elevated rail line. Rows of trees lining a wide pathway. Trees on a groomed grass hillside. QuickTime Preview Here | License Agreement | View Stills>>

Trees In Urban Centers - vs0119
5 Clips TRT 0:56 Price: $49.00
Views of trees in urban environments. Shots of street trees while driving. Shots of trees with tall buildings in background. One pan from a high rise building to trees in a park with people walking on a pathway. QuickTime Preview Here | Editorial Only | View Stills>>

Pink Flowering Park Tree - vs0121
3 Clips TRT 0:38 Price: $49.00
Shots of a small pink blossoming park tree on a sunny day a wideshot of the whole tree on a lush lawn with orange flowers and green trees in the background, and medium and close-up shots of the flowers and trunk. QuickTime Preview Here | License Agreement | View Stills>>

Urban Tree Planting - vs0448
2 Clips TRT 0:06 Price: $49.00
Shots of a group of youths in green t-shirts and hard hats working together to plant a tree on a city street. Cross-dissolve between shots. QuickTime Preview Here | Public Domain | View Stills>>

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