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Paper Mill Wastewater Effluent

Process water from a paper mill roiling in a pond. Treated effluent being discharged into a river.

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About The Clips: Panning wide shot of a large wastewater pond in front of a paper mill. Close ups, medium, and wide shots of large diameter above-ground white piping moving processing water from the paper mill into a wastewater pond. Close ups of muddy brown colored wastewater circulating rapidly and creating mounds of light brown foam. Close up and zoom out to wide shot of treated effluent being discharged into a river adjacent to the paper mill. Blue water in the river with small amounts of thin white foam. Then zoom out from the river to a pan of the paper mill.

Comments On Clip Subjects: Paper mills use large amounts of process water. A variety of chemicals are used to whiten, brighten, and otherwise improve the quality of the finished product. Untreated paper mill effluent generally includes both biomass (from the pulp) and toxic chemicals. Treatment is intended to reduce these to levels that will not significantly harm the receiving waters into which the treated effluent is discharged.

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