’s stock footage video clips are no longer available for purchase, and our individual clips are no longer available from Green Stock Media. We will continue to make preview clips available for historical and archival purposes.


Bars & Casinos

People in bars and casinos playing slot machines, drinking beer, playing pool, and hanging out.

23 Stock Video Clips TRT: 5 Minutes 22 Seconds

QuickTime File NTSC 4:3

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About The Clips: Varied shots of casinos, bars, and playing pool. Close-up of a gold colored pint of beer on a table with man's arm in foreground. Rack focus from a blur to a crisp close-up of rows of clear glass hard liquor bottles with pouring spouts. Close-up of ketchup and mustard bottles between pints of beer on a table. Zoom out to two couples sitting around a table and then to a wide shot of a bar room with people sitting on stools at the bar. Close-up of a man in a suit pulling the handle of a slot machine. Camera moves back as a waitress with a drink tray walks by and continues moving to show two woman sitting at slot machines. Wide and close-up shots of an older woman playing an electronic casino game in a dark room with a blue glow cast by the machine. Close-up of a "Montanta Select-A-Game" keno machine. Close-up of a "CASINO" sign outside. Static shot of a low-hanging pool table lamp with a trophy case and a beer ad in the background. A man with pool cue in the foreground. Slow shutter speed static shots of a woman playing pool. Another of the woman setting up and making a pool shot with an electronic casino game machine in the foreground. Slow shutter speed rack focus from a blur to a shot of a man in a cowboy hat and a woman sitting at a bar.

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Clip Group #: vs0421 | Bars & Casinos

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