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Steak Dinner With Candlelight

Close-up shots of a steak dinner by candlelight. Beef cut by a knife, red meat picked up by fork.

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About The Clips: Close-ups of a steak dinner being eaten by warm candlelight. The meal consists of peppered beef steak, asparagus, cut carrots, mashed potatoes, and a glass of red wine. Slow zoom from a view of a white tablecloth and pepper grinder to a close up of the steak dinner on a white plate. Male hands cut the meat with a knife and fork and a piece of the beef steak is picked up with the fork. Extreme close-up of a steak being cut with fork and knife. Two static shots with a wine bottle, wine glass, peppershaker and tall green candle in the foreground; the first with a lot of steak on the plate, and the second with only a small piece of steak left. No eating is shown, but the cutting and lifting of pieces of steak and pauses in between give that effect.

Comments On Clip Subjects: These clips well illustrate the cultural associations with meat eating: luxury, warm ambiance, romantic candle light dining, etc. Eating high on the food chain may have a big environmental footprint, but culturally it is associated strongly with prosperity, success and well-being.

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