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Reno Subdivision On The Urban Edge

Sprawling low density residential subdivision next to undeveloped hillsides. Reno, Nevada. Zooms, pans.

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About The Clips: Views of a sprawling suburban housing development with very large lots adjacent to an undeveloped arid hillside. Zoom out from a treeless hill to a neighborhood of large two story single family homes and to a backyard with a green lawn. Panning shots of homes, fences, graded unlandscaped areas, and large yards with hillsides in the background. View of a sea of rooftops ending at urban edge. Shot in Reno, Nevada.

Comments On Clip Subjects: Low density suburban sprawl illustrates inefficient land use. Low density sprawling development is expensive to serve in both dollars and natural resources. Travel by foot, bicycle, bus, or train transit is much more difficult if not impossible. Traffic congestion, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions increase.

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Clip Group #: vs0304 | Reno Subdivision On The Urban Edge

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