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Housing Under Construction

Large wood frame single-family homes under construction on large lots. Typical urban edge sprawl development.

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About The Clips: Views of conventional wood frame housing under construction for a new upscale neighborhood at the sprawling urban edge. Close ups of pallets of cement roof tiles. Large leveled dirt area next to housing construction. Pan of homes in nearly finished section of project. Stacks of shingles and roofing materials on roofs. Panning shot of stacked pallets of construction materials. Stacks of sheetrock. Views of wood frame construction beams on unfinished walls and ceilings. Small pickup trucks parked near construction site. Medium pan of large single family home construction. Construction supervisor and workers discussing the project. Worker with hard hat carries a two-by-four, then zoom out to shot of a house with a pile of wood in front. Industrial lift, backhoe, and portable toilet in front of unfinished homes. Zoom in to close up of a stack of wood two-by-fours then zoom out, and reverse. Zoom out to shot of wide street with unfinished houses and green hills in the background (showing urban edge).

Comments On Clip Subjects: Large wood frame homes on large lots are resource intensive. Standard practice in contemporary suburban development, such housing does not embody sustainable design principles. Low density single-family detached homes extend sprawl, destroy open space, contribute to traffic congestion, and add to city and regional service costs.

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