’s stock footage video clips are no longer available for purchase, and our individual clips are no longer available from Green Stock Media. We will continue to make preview clips available for historical and archival purposes.


Mountain Mists Before Sunrise

Shots at dawn of mountain mists, sky and clouds, mountain and tree silhouettes, and a distant lake.

6 Stock Video Clips TRT: 1 Minute 15 Seconds

QuickTime File NTSC 4:3

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About The Clips: A slow pan and a static shot of thin misty clouds shot from a mountainside at dawn. A small lake is visible through the mist. A light yellow-orange sky with low clouds above a mountain silhouette. Static wide shot looking up at lightly colored wispy clouds with tree silhouettes below. Static wide shot and pan from a mountainside looking out at a cloud bank orange colored from below by a not yet visible rising sun. Shot pans left until tree silhouettes are seen on the skyline.

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Clip Group #: vs0139 | Mountain Mists Before Sunrise

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