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Municipal Bus Transit

Buses operating in a large city. Passengers at bus stops and boarding buses. Pedestrian and cyclist traffic.

11 Stock Video Clips TRT: 3 Minutes 03 Seconds

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About The Clips: Varied shots of public transit buses in an urban center. Significant car and pedestrian traffic. Wide shot of people on a sidewalk waiting for a city bus. A bus passes by. Medium shots of passengers lining up and boarding buses. Two shots, one showing a bus going through an intersection, and one showing a bus going through an intersection and toward a line of waiting passengers. Close-up through the windows of a bus with seated passengers as bus leaves bus stop. Medium shot of people waiting for a bus and the bus pulling up. Shot of people climbing up bus steps and through the front door of a bus. The driver then closes the door and the bus leaves. A man stands next to a bus and motions to a person outside the shot to come, then he boards. A woman runs, gets on a bus, and the bus drives away. Panning shot of a bus going by and pulling over to a curb behind another bus. Medium shot of a bus at a stop light with two bicyclists next to it. The cyclists ride away, the bus accelerates and passes through the scene.

Comments On Clip Subjects: Municipal bus systems are often the most cost-effective and accessible alternative to the automobile. For elderly, disabled, and very low income people, they may be the only means of transportation. Keeping bus transit viable is a key benefit of downtown and core area revitalization, and one of the objectives of smart growth and medium-to-higher density infill projects is to make (or keep) bus transit economically feasible.

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