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B.C. Ferries Ocean Ferry

Large ocean going ferries navigating waterways in B.C., Canada. Includes solar powered navigational light.

10 Stock Video Clips TRT: 2 Minutes 28 Seconds

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About The Clips: Large deep water ferries in British Columbia, Canada. Static wide shot of a ferry in calm water with a rocky shore in the foreground and forested hills and blue sky in background. Medium static shot of a ferry passing by with “B.C. Ferries” in large letters on the side. A ferry cruising along a channel as the camera zooms out to a wide shot with shoreline. A ferry passing behind a rocky island as another ferry passes in front of the island. Static close up of the bow and bridge of a ferry passing by. Wide shot of a ferry passing a solar powered navigational beacon on the foreground shore. A ferry passing the navigational beacon traveling in the opposite direction. Close up of a ferry showing the ship’s bridge, lifeboats, and passengers on the upper decks. Wide shot of ferry with ripples on the water in the foreground.

Comments On Clip Subjects: A ferry is a good mass transit alternative to a car in many urban areas located on water. Ferry transit works best when there are other convenient transit connections that help people get to and from their starting points and final destinations.

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