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Losing Battle With House Fire

Firefighters fighting a raging house fire. Includes flame close ups, thick smoke, and fire engines.

28 Stock Video Clips TRT: 12 Minutes 34 Seconds

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About The Clips: Static close up of large flames shooting out of a window and a hole in the charred black wall of a burning two story wood frame house. Then zoom out showing more flames and smoke and ending in a wide shot with a fire engine and firefighter. Static medium shots showing flames consuming the wood. Close up and medium shots of a firefighter spraying water with a fire hose and wearing a self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). Close up of the fire raging with burning embers falling. Zoom to wide shot showing a firefighter spraying water on the fire and protecting adjacent trees as a part of the second story collapses. Shot of an extended ladder on a fire engine. Yellow caution tape flaps in the wind. Wide shots of water being sprayed and fire hoses running along the ground. Shots of flames and smoke contrast with the green leaves of adjacent trees. Zoom out from flames shooting from an upstairs window to a static wide shot of the house burning in heavy flames and clouds of brown smoke. Static time lapse shot showing the house burning, the second story falling, and the house being devoured by flames leaving only one wall standing.

Comments On Clip Subjects: During a fire, toxics from household chemicals and plastics are discharged into the atmosphere in smoke as well as onto the ground and into water from firefighting water runoff. Preventing fires precludes these toxic emissions and prevents wasting the natural resources and energy embodied in buildings and their contents.

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