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Two Colorado Oil Wells

Pumping oil wells in Colorado. Includes walking beam, horsehead, rotating crank arm and counterweights.

12 Stock Video Clips TRT: 4 Minutes 50 Seconds

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About The Clips: Two pumping oil wells in Rio Blanco County, Colorado are shown. Both are beam-type oil pumps. Clips of the first well include the walking beam and horsehead and rotating crank arm and counterweights. The setting is brown rocky terrain partly covered by snow with hills in the background. A second well with a slightly different mechanical design is also shown.

Comments On Clip Subjects: The United States produces a declining portion of the oil it consumes. As wells such as those shown here are exhausted, production can be expected to drop further.

Related Clip Groups: Oil wells being drilled, pumping, with a gas flare, with storage tanks, from a distance, and from a moving car here, and gasoline refining, transport and sales here.

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