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Load Finished Recycled Mulch

Front loader picking up finished recycled mulch and loading it into a semi truck transfer trailer.

5 Stock Video Clips TRT: 3 Minutes 31 Seconds

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About The Clips: Close-up of front loader scoop tilting down and dumping mulch into a semi trailer as clouds of dust rise. Static shot of a front loader loading recycled mulch (aka, top dressing) into a semi truck transfer trailer, then the front loader backs up. Shot of a front loader scooping up finished mulch from a large pile, turning around, and loading it into a trailer. Similar shot from a different angle showing a loader transporting mulch and then dumping it into a trailer. Zoom out from close up of a large front loader driving up a pile of mulch, dumping a load, backing up, and then driving away.

Comments On Clip Subjects: Mulch can be used as a top dressing, where it helps suppress weeds and retain moisture. It is less expensive than compost because it has not gone through the extensive composting process.

Related Clip Groups: There are four other groups showing different stages of the green waste recycling process. They include unloading green waste, preparing green waste for composting, windrow composting, and screening and loading compost for transport. All four are here. You can also find wastes and landfills here.

Clip Group #: vs0151 | Load Finished Recycled Mulch

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