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Windrow Composting Of Green Waste

Views of windrows and green waste ready for windrow composting at a processing facility.

17 Stock Video Clips TRT: 4 Minutes 33 Seconds

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About The Clips: Panning shots to and from an empty tub grinder to a wide shot of many windrows of composting green waste. Close-up pan of prepared green waste leaving the grinding and screening area on a conveyor belt. Wide shot of green waste dropping off a covered conveyor onto a pile with windrows in the background. The shot zooms in to the covered conveyor dropping the green waste, then zooms back out and pans the windrows and a gypsum trommel. Medium shot pans of a gypsum processing area with a trommel screen and a large pile of gypsum. Wide shot and a zoom out from close-up of a conveyor piling green waste and a large pile of gypsum in the background. Shot of an operating tub grinder with windrows in foreground. The shot then zooms out to show more windrows. Portrait of an old style windrow turner (aka, scat) used to aerate the composting material. Close-ups of windrow turner conveyor blades and a warning sign. Zoom out from the back of a windrow turner to a wide shot of windrows. Shot of a front loader dumping green waste into a large dump truck for transport to windrows. The shot then zooms out as the front loader maneuvers to pick up more material. Close-up of a front loader with a full scoop of green waste maneuvering and dumping into the back of a dump truck. A cloud of dust rises.

Comments On Clip Subjects: Before being placed in windrows, ground and screened green waste is mixed with gypsum (calcium sulfate) derived from ground drywall (sheetrock). Gypsum is mixed with the green waste because it enhances the final compost product. In clay-rich soils, gypsum loosens the soil via a chemical reaction. This provides better conditions for plant root growth. Gypsum also helps soil retain water. The ground drywall is run through a trommel screen to ensure that only fine gypsum is added to the green waste. The mixed material is loaded into dump trucks and placed in windrows where it composts. This is an aerobic process in which the composting material is turned and aerated.

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