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Green Waste Trucks Unloading

Yard and landscaping waste and tree trimmings being unloaded at a green waste processing and composting site.

7 Stock Video Clips TRT: 2 Minutes 46 Seconds

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About The Clips: Static wide shot of a green waste packer truck driving up in front of a large pile of processed green waste. Close ups of "Lawn Trimmings? We make the mulch of them!" and "GreenWaste Recovery" truck signs. Close up of a rear loader packer truck opening and green waste spilling out onto the ground. The truck's hydraulically-operated packer blade then pushes out its full load of yard and landscaping waste. Shot of a man standing in front of a truck unloading green waste. Wide shot of a packer truck lifting its back and unloading its compacted contents amidst clouds of dust while a second truck backs up next to it. The first truck then moves forward, disgorging a final clump of green waste.

Comments On Clip Subjects: Green waste composting has many benefits. It reduces the consumption of landfill capacity, it returns valuable nutrients to soils, and it reduces the production of methane, a very potent greenhouse gas, which results when green waste decays anaerobically in landfills.

Related Clip Groups: There are four other groups showing different stages of the green waste recycling process. They include preparing green waste for composting, windrow composting, screening and loading compost for transport, and loading recycled mulch for transport. All four are here. You can also find wastes and landfills here.

Clip Group #: vs0147 | Green Waste Trucks Unloading

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