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Recycled Aluminum & Steel Cans

Stacked bales of recycled cans, aluminum cans being dumped into a pile, and tin-plated steel cans in a bin.

5 Stock Video Clips TRT: 1 Minute 27 Seconds

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About The Clips: Zoom from wide shot to close up of stacked bales of recycled metal cans. Shot then pans the bales and zooms back out. A "Tin Cans" sign on an orange dumpster at a recycling drop-off center. The camera then moves to the bin, shoots down into it, and pans the tin cans in the bin. A worker dumps aluminum cans out of a recycling toter onto a large pile at a recycling facility. Wide shot pan of stacked bales of recycled cans and containers.

Comments On Clip Subjects: Aluminum is one of the most environmentally beneficial materials to recycle. The energy and water needed to recycle aluminum into new products is about 95 percent less than the amount required to produce new aluminum products from raw materials. Tin cans (bi-metal cans) are made out of tin-plated steel. Recycling tin cans provides an energy savings of approximately 75 percent.

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