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Recycled Newspaper & Mixed Paper

Stacked bales of recycled newspaper, mixed paper, magazines, and waxed milk cartons at recycling facilities.

12 Stock Video Clips TRT: 2 Minutes 28 Seconds

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About The Clips: Panning wide shot to extended hold on stacked bales of recycled mixed paper. A panning zoom in on the mixed paper with baled cardboard in the background. A "Mixed Paper" sign on an orange drop-off dumpster. Camera moves to the bin, shoots down into it, and shows mixed paper in the bin. Same sequence for a "White Office and Computer Paper" sign and white paper in the bin. Shot of a "Newspaper" sign. Slow zoom out from a pile of loose mixed paper. Zoom out from close up of a bale of waxed juice and milk cartons. Panning shot, then zooms in and out from tall stacked bales of recycled magazines and mixed paper. Pans and then a zoom in to stacked bales of newspaper.

Comments On Clip Subjects: The greatest environmental benefit of paper recycling occurs when a particular type of paper is recycled into the same type of paper. This conserves energy and water, saves trees, and reduces pollution from paper manufacturing. When low-grade mixed paper is recycled, it is often used to produce paperboard or other lower-end wood fiber products. This may result in less net environmental benefit per ton of paper recycled.

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