’s stock footage video clips are no longer available for purchase. We will continue to make preview clips available for historical and archival purposes.


Wax Flower

Great Passion Fruit Flower

Orchid Oncidium SP

Orchid Sobralia SP

Orchid Epidendrum Trigrinus

Orchid Stanhopea Wardii

Orchid Schomburgkia Undulata

Passion Fruit Flower

Bird Of Paradise Flower

Fuchsia Flower

Orchid Epidendrum Secundum

Orchid Violet SP

...And 22 other scenes from Jewels of the Green World
All scenes without ambient sound.

Jewels of the Green World

Location: Venezuela
Number of Clips: 35
Total Running Time: 7:58

No Longer Available
License Agreement

For ordering information: No Longer Available

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