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Urban Water Uses’s stock footage video clips are no longer available for purchase, and our individual clips are no longer available from Green Stock Media. We will continue to make our more than 5000 preview clips available for historical and archival purposes.

Loosing Battle With House Fire - vs0018
28 Clips TRT 12:34 Price: $99.00
Close up, medium, and wide shots of a fire fighter holding a fire hose spraying water on a house engulfed in flames. Yellow fire engine with fire in background. Flame close-ups. Shots of house in smoke and flames plus time lapse of house burning to the ground. QuickTime Preview Here | Editorial Only | Details & To Purchase>>

Crystal Springs Reservoir & Dam - vs0331
9 Clips TRT 2:22 Price: $59.00
Pan down Crystal Springs Dam from roadway on top and zoom in to water flowing from a pipe below. Slow zoom out and pan up from shimmering blue water to a wide shot of the Reservoir. Panning wide shot from water in the Reservoir to the Dam. Zooms and pans of water level markers. Pan down to "Crystal Springs Dam" metal plaque. QuickTime Preview Here | License Agreement | View Stills>>

Collection Of Residential Water Uses - vs0533
23 Clips TRT 0:50 Price: $49.00
Short clips of varied water uses at home. Plate being washed. Kitchen faucet dripping. Water boiling on a stove. Coffee pot being filled in kitchen sink. Person taking a shower behind a translucent door. Woman dipping foot into water in a bathtub being filled. Woman filling a glass of water and handing it to her daughter. Man in bathroom preparing to shave. People in a swimming pool. Circa 1970s. QuickTime Preview Here | Public Domain | View Stills>>

Reservoirs, Water Supply & Dams - vs0569
23 Clips TRT 5:22 Price: $89.00
Shots of various water supplies. Wide shots and zooms out from a large reservoir with green shoreline. Zooming pan from water in a reservoir to a dam. Night shot of an illuminated dam. Aerial shots of dams and reservoirs. Views of Glen Canyon Dam and Reservoir. QuickTime Preview Here | License Agreement | View Stills>>

Indoor Residential Water Uses - vs0579
6 Clips TRT 2:10 Price: $49.00
Close ups of water dripping from a metal kitchen faucet. Close up of clean water being flushed in a toilet and the bowl refilling. Zoom in to a showerhead spraying water. Zoom out from a close up of a toilet float ball to a wide shot view of a massive pile of broken toilet pieces, including toilet seats, lids, tank covers, and miscellaneous porcelain. QuickTime Preview Here | License Agreement | View Stills>>

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