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Burning & Glowing Log In Fireplace

Wood burning in a stone fireplace. Glowing embers, flames, smoke, sparks. An air pollution source.

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About The Clips: Close up of a log burning in a fireplace with red-orange glowing embers, small yellow flames, small sparks, ash on black charred wood, and grey wisps of smoke rising. The clip then zooms out to a wide shot revealing two logs in a stone fireplace with a protective metal fireplace screen. The fireplace is covered in black soot. Smoke and ash rise from the logs and up the chimney.

Comments On Clip Subjects: Fireplaces can be significant sources of air pollution in urban environments. At the same time, they are often not an efficient heat source since without proper inserts or related equipment most of the energy usually goes up the chimney.

Related Clip Groups: Air quality and global warming here, and large city smog here.

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