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Belching Stacks

Air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from industrial and power plant smokestacks.

30 Stock Video Clips TRT: 8 Minutes 19 Seconds

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About The Clips: Smokestacks at a variety of facilities, including but not limited to paper, pulp and lumber mills. Static close up of a smokestack with belching smoke. Wind blown plume with blue sky background. Static shot of a smokestack surrounded by industrial piping. Shots of active smokestacks with wooded backgrounds and cloudy skies. Wide shots of stacks in rural areas. Wide shot of smoke rising from stacks in a town with a blue sky and sun. Zoom out shot from forested mountains with snow to a wide shot of a mill with smokestacks. Static shot of a plume of smoke rising into a cloudy sky. Short clip of large stacks shot from below. Two cropped sepia toned shots. One features a fast zoom in to a close up of two smokestacks and then a slow zoom out. The second also zooms out to a wide shot. Slow zooming shot of a street in a town in winter with large operating smokestacks in the background. Static wideshot silhouette of smokestacks at dusk. Close up of a smokestack disappearing behind smoke from an adjacent stack and a shot of the same stack in clear view. Static close up, medium, and wide shots of a large stack billowing smoke at a mill with grey skies and a conveyor belt operating in the foreground. Medium shot of a smokestack with sky half filled with smoke from other stacks.

Comments On Clip Subjects: Smokestack emissions often contain substances that contribute to environmental and human health problems, such as greenhouse gases and fine particulates. White smoke emitted from smokestacks (instead of black or grey) is an indication that the smoke has been cleaned by a "scrubber" before leaving the stack.

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