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Concrete Crushing & Screening

Concrete being screened and crushed, including rebar removal, for reuse as base rock in construction projects.

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About The Clips: Panning wide shot of a concrete recycling facility with a front loader putting unprocessed concrete and dirt into a box used to break up and screen concrete. Medium shot of a front loader bucket dumping concrete and dirt into the box for processing. Then the shot zooms and pans out to show the multiple conveyors that carry the processed material. Zoom out to medium shot of a pile of concrete and dirt beside the crushing and screening box. Close-up of springs shaking on a vibrating feeder, then zoom out to medium shot of the shaking screening box. Zoom out from a vibrating feeder to a wide shot of concrete processing equipment and pan to a conveyor above a large pile of processed concrete. Close-up, medium, and wide shots of a large rotating magnet over a conveyor belt of crushed concrete pulling off rebar. Panning shot of twisted rebar and other ferrous metals removed in the concrete recycling process. Close-up shots of conveyors carrying a mixture of recycled concrete and dirt to be screened. Concrete pieces being transferred from one conveyor to another, including a pan of a conveyor. Static shot of small chunks of concrete on a conveyor being sent back through the screening and crushing process until they are of uniform size. Shot of a small front loader with crushed concrete coming out of a chute. Shot of worker watching processed concrete coming out of the chute. Close-up, medium, and wide shots of finished recycled concrete dropping off a long conveyor into a massive pile. Zoom in to close-up of a bulldozer driving up a large pile of recycled concrete. The shot then zooms out to show the concrete recycling equipment in the foreground. Close-up of a bulldozer backing down a large pile of crushed concrete.

Comments On Clip Subjects: In this concrete recycling process, rebar is pulled out by a magnet and the remaining material goes through a vibrating feeder to screen out dirt. The concrete pieces then enter a crusher, and it reduces them to small pieces of uniform size. This material can be used as base rock in a variety of construction applications such as underlay for parking lots or beneath concrete slabs for houses. Recycled concrete that also has had wood screened out can be used in roadway foundations.

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