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David Gottfried

Interview With Bill Browning: The Early Days Of Green Building. Interview conducted by David Gottfried. Browning discusses biomimicry and some of his favorite green projects, including the early days of the green building movement and our “Greening of the White House” initiative. He has written several important sustainable building books, including Green Development, and he was the first environmental organization member of the U.S. Green Building Council in 1992. Listen Here >> More about David Gottfried >>

Interview With Renowned Architect Peter Ellis. Interview conducted by David Gottfried. Ellis discusses his work on very large site and city design, including Jaypee Sports City that is home to a million people in India, 30 miles south of New Delhi. His city and campus design practice embraces new concepts on transportation, water, energy and waste. Another specialty is the re-structuring of America’s 19th-century cities, focusing on how they could contribute positively to the natural environment. Listen Here >> More about David Gottfried >>

The Explosion Green and Creating a Sustainable Home. Online audio discussion with David Gottfried. Features discussion of Explosion Green, a twenty-year memoir about David on his quest to green the planet. It also includes a topic that is an essential component of healing ourselves and the planet: Rewiring the brain for survival in the 21st century. Listen Here >> More about David Gottfried >>

Dan Grossman

Electric Car Sharing Service In Paris Gains Popularity. NPR Here & Now story by Dan Grossman. Autolib members rent electric cars for about 20 cents per minute. And, unlike most car sharing programs in the U.S., members don’t have to return a car to the place where they picked it up. They can leave it at one of 4,000 reserved parking spots spread out all over Paris. Industry analysts say the service and others like it might soon be available in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world. Listen Here >> More about Dan Grossman >>

Elizabeth Grossman

Outdoor Workers Suffer As Temperatures Rise. Interview with Elizabeth Grossman. Discussion of the federal standards that are needed in order to address heat-induced illness and death at U.S. job sites. Listen Here >>

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