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EcoIntelligence green building and design articles, speeches, and interviews.This section focuses on a broad spectrum of green building, materials selection, and green design issues. It includes articles, speeches, reports, interviews, book and anthology excerpts, PowerPoint presentations, and presentation transcripts. Specific topics include sustainable architecture for commercial, residential, industrial and public buildings, green renovation and remodeling, and green interior design.

Conventional buildings consume large amounts of energy and natural resources and are one of the most significant sources of greenhouse gases. Reducing virgin material use, water and energy consumption, and occupant exposure to toxics are keys to creating more sustainable buildings. To do this, we need to use LEED building standards, select certified lumber, forest products, and recycled materials, design for energy and water efficiency, employ daylighting and renewable energy, and specify non-toxic paints, floor and window coverings, and other furnishings.

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"" The Living Building Challenge: How Limits Can Liberate. Article by Christine Ervin. In the case of climate change, a cap is simply fundamental to creating an emissions trading market, which, in turn, provides the best climate for innovative technologies. No wonder so many corporate executives are calling for a national cap sooner rather than later; they see it as vital to lowering costs, increasing flexibility and giving us more room to maneuver under rapidly changing conditions. Article >> More about Christine Ervin >>

"" Market Transformation: The Green Building Story. Book chapter by Christine Ervin. A troubling economy found many companies turning to green buildings as a hedge against risk and stiff competition. Ten years earlier, no such market even existed. The story of green building’s sudden rise in the United States, and in a sprawling industry notoriously hard to change, reflects the timely convergence of technology, expertise, and leadership to tackle compelling needs. Chapter >> More about Christine Ervin >>

"" David Gottfried Continues to LEED. Interview with David Gottfried. Considering the economic downturn and slowing housing market, it was a good time to interview David Gottfried, a man steeped in both green building and real estate markets, and to hear what he had to say about the prospects for green building in uncertain economic times. Interview >> More about David Gottfried >>

"" Goals, Purpose and Politics: GBC as a Global Forum. Interview with David Gottfried. Gottfied, founder and first staff president of the U.S. Green Building Council, answers questions about how he sees the role and the future of an expanding Green Building Council movement. He also discusses the impact of energy efficient buildings on carbon emissions and government readiness for home energy production. Interview >> More about David Gottfried >>

"" The New World of Green. PowerPoint presentation by David Gottfried. Gottfried presents reasons for going green, introduces the U.S. Green Building Council, explains LEED building certification, gives statistics on the types and geographic locations of LEED building projects, discusses the construction industry and the green building market share, and provides business examples. PowerPoint Presentation >> More about David Gottfried >>

"" The Rise Of The Green Modular Home. Article by Francesca Lyman. In this New York Times online article, Lyman discusses the future of prefab, modular homes and their integration of green building components. Article >> More about Francesca Lyman >>

"" Green Home Projects in a Down Economy. Article by Francesca Lyman. In this New York Times online article, Lyman talks about the challenges and opportunities for green home builders in a challenging economic climate. Preselling, venture investment, and betting on increasing energy costs come into play. Article >> More about Francesca Lyman >>

Sustainable Building: The Buzz Is Greater Than The Saw. Article by Katherine Thornberry. The latest buzzword being heard in design and construction circles across the U.S. is "sustainability." Sustainable design and building is generally defined as using products and procedures that make environmentally sensitive use of land, minimize waste, maximize resource and energy efficiency, conserve water, and do not pollute indoor air. Article >>

A Unique Home With A Unique Story. Article by Katherine Thornberry. The eclectic mix of homes that characterizes the Los Altos, California Loyola Corners neighborhood now boasts another unconventional home, but one with quite a unique story. Amid the modest cottages that date to the area's early orchard days, the ranch-style homes of the 1950s and 60s, and today's million dollar executive homes, stands a home constructed of all-metal framing and roofing and environmentally-sensitive building materials. Article >>

An additional collection of articles on Green Design & Building related issues is available from The EcoIQ Magazine here.

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