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Natural Gas & Nuclear Power’s stock footage video clips are no longer available for purchase, and our individual clips are no longer available from Green Stock Media. We will continue to make our more than 5000 preview clips available for historical and archival purposes.

Natural Gas Well - vs0275
3 Clips TRT 0:51 Price: $59.00
Medium and wide shots of a natural gas well in grasslands with blue sky. One shot with passing cars. QuickTime Preview Here | License Agreement | Details & To Purchase>>

Coal Bed Methane Development - vs0375
18 Clips TRT 3:56 Price: $59.00
Varied views of coal bed methane (CBM) development. Bubbling water in pool. Row of compressor stations. Truck with heavy equipment, derrick, and workers in hard hats. CBM stations in farmland area. Warning signage. Pipeline and dirt road. QuickTime Preview Here | License Agreement | View Stills>>

Archival Nuclear Power - vs0545
1 Clip TRT 0:22 Price: $49.00
Archival shot of a nuclear power plant. Zooms out from a close up of a passing barge to a wideshot of the plant with the large cooling tower venting steam, containment buildings, and a river in the foreground. QuickTime Preview Here | Public Domain | View Stills>>

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