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Urban Streets & Sidewalks’s stock footage video clips are no longer available for purchase, and our individual clips are no longer available from Green Stock Media. We will continue to make our more than 5000 preview clips available for historical and archival purposes.

Shoreline Park Streetscapes - vs0084
2 Clips TRT 0:24 Price: $49.00
Shot from car driving by shoreline park. Park statue, green lawns, flowers, trees, and water in background. Shoreline path with a rollerblader and bicyclist. People walking and sitting on a park bench. QuickTime Preview Here | Editorial Only | View Stills>>

Pedestrians, Sidewalks & Streets - vs0096
14 Clips TRT 3:47 Price: $59.00
Varied views of pedestrians, sidewalks, and streets in urban center. Shots of heavy foot traffic. Plaza with fountain and planters. Shot ascending escalator to city street. People waiting at lights, crossing streets and waiting for bus. QuickTime Preview Here | Editorial Only | View Stills>>

Streetside & Lightpole Banners - vs0245
5 Clips TRT 1:43 Price: $59.00
Sidewalk views of banners on lightpoles with pedestrians and car traffic. Commercial downtown setting. Zooms out from banner close-ups to sidewalk and street. Banners feature community cultural events. QuickTime Preview Here | Editorial Only | View Stills>>

Sidewalk Cafes & Amenities - vs0246
14 Clips TRT 4:51 Price: $69.00
Views of sidewalk cafes at lunchtime in small city downtown. People dining at outside tables under umbrellas on sunny day. Pedestrians walking on wide sidewalks. Light car traffic. Landscaped outdoor dining areas adjacent to roadside and street parking. QuickTime Preview Here | Editorial Only | View Stills>>

Chicago Urban Mixed Use Area - vs0444
4 Clips TRT 1:15 Price: $59.00
Views of Chicago urban area shot through front windshield of moving car. Industrial and commercial brick buildings. Car traffic and busy intersections. Streets lined with cars. Passing bus and taxi. Pass under metro rail station. View of highrises in distance. QuickTime Preview Here | Editorial Only | View Stills>>

San Francisco Downtown - vs0445
16 Clips TRT 2:23 Price: $59.00
Downtown San Francisco streetscapes shot from car. Pedestrians on sidewalks and crossing intersections. First floor restaurants and retail. Highrise buildings, bicyclists, newspaper machines, pay phones, and delivery vehicles. Parked cars and car traffic. QuickTime Preview Here | Editorial Only | View Stills>>

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