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For more than 20 years EcoIQ operated a Speakers Bureau, and to support that effort we produced and posted 65 videos on showing our speakers in action. We also created an EcoSpeakers YouTube Channel

A second focus of our video work was shooting and/or editing and digitizing some 5,000 stock video clips sorted into a range of environmental topics. These were sold as royalty-free stock clips. More details, as well as links to archived previews of selected clips, may be found below. Previews for all 5,000 clips are archived here.

In addition to these primary work efforts, our video and audio support products also included an Online Resource Guide for Video Producers as well as large topically organized collections of online sustainability related video and audio programs.

EcoSpeakers Videos

Rob CaughlanOur speaker video efforts ranged from complete production (graphics, stills, titles, narration, music, cut away footage) to, at the low end, only titling, watermarking, digitizing and posting. On the high end, we produced Riding the Waves of Change for surfer, environmental activist, and political warrior Rob Caughlan.

We also produced a couple of dozen very short videos. They ranged from 30 to 90 seconds and stitched together between 6 and 15 very short clips, often taken from far-flung locations in a much longer video, to create a very compact story. In each case, there was a clear and important point made. We wanted these videos to have value in the message they put out into the world and not just be marketing videos for particular speakers. As examples, see Anyone Can Make A Difference, When Activists Greened Congress, Inspired By A Solar Skyscraper, Moving Beyond Industrialism, and Value = Green.

Some speakers who joined our EcoSpeakers bureau had polished videos in hand, but those videos were sometimes too long or too broadly focused to fit well in our unique EcoSpeakers framework. Our solution was to do reshaping edits, extracting and repackaging what fit our focus into shorter videos. Two of our projects illustrate this type of effort. The first was a pantomime 5-minute sketch on the history of oil from the performance duo Quiet Riot. The second involved a video produced for the natural scientist and speaker Reese Halter entitled How To Solve Global Warming.

As part of editing videos for speakers, it was often our task to knit together 5 minutes or so of the best segments from what might have begun as raw tape of a 45-minute talk shot by a non-professional using a single camera. It often seemed as though the best sound bites contained the worst problems. People walking in front of the speaker, bumping the camera, jostling the sound cords, turning lights up or down at just the wrong moment, you name it. If it could go wrong, it did. Our job as editor-producer was to mask these problems so the power of the sound bite would not be diminished. This often meant that creating the best excerpted 5 minutes required scores of small segment edits and dozens of clever-trick fixes for distracting problems. Two extremely challenging projects were Ideas Can Change The World and Winning The Oil Endgame.

EcoFootage Stock Clips

EcoIQ offered some 5,000 royalty-free video stock footage clips via our website (now offline, but preview clips can still viewed). We shot and produced more than 1,000 clips in-house, with our focus being on such topics as solar energy, green building, recycling, and related “urban” subjects. We developed sourcing and licensing agreements for footage categories either distant or difficult to capture, such as farming, ranching, mining, forestry, and similar subjects.

As we were developing this aspect of our video work, the transition to High Definition (HD) was just getting started. Most videographers thought it would take several years to roll out, and reasoned that a market for Standard Definition (SD) would persist over that period. The new HD technology changed the market much more quickly than many expected, and for this and other reasons, the stock footage business was not sustainable for EcoIQ and we exited the stock footage business.

Other Video Support Products

As noted at the top,’s Video and Audio Support Products also included an Online Resource Guide for Video Producers as well as large topically organized collections of online sustainability related video and audio programs. A significant portion of the video and audio programs feature one or more of the 210 speakers we represented though our speakers bureau, (now offline).

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