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This page is an index of audio programs, including presentations, presentation excerpts, panel discussions, documentary interviews, online interviews, talk radio guest appearances, broadcast radio news and feature stories, green performances, and radio documentaries, for speakers, performers and authors with last names starting with "R."

Richard Register

Cities Preparing For Peak Oil & Global Warming. Online interview with Richard Register. Explores ways for communities to prepare for peak oil and global warming. What would our cities look like, and what can planners do to help us get there? Listen Here >>

On Ecological City Design. Online interview with Richard Register. David Room of Global Public Media interviews Register about his organization Ecocity Builders, about the concept of an ecological city, and about the principles of ecological design. Listen Here >>

Eco Cities and Our Future. Online interview with Richard Register. Register discusses what an Eco City is, why they will help with many of our planet’s current problems, and what the future of Eco Cities holds. Listen Here >>

Urban Ecology & Our Balance With Nature. Online interview with Richard Register. Since most of the population of the world lives in cities, how we can live in cities in balance with nature is a crucial issue of survival. Register links this challenge to our auto-dependent sprawling cities and towns and digs into what can be done and what is being done to craft creative, inspiring and community oriented solutions. Listen Here >>

John Renesch

A Dialogue On The Role Of Personal Responsibility In Creating A Better World – Part 1. Discussion co-hosted by John Renesch. Nine authors explore what personal responsibility means, what it will take to institute change, offer ideas for what each of us can do, and offer compelling calls-to-action for us all in their closing messages. Listen Here – Part 1, 2

FutureShapers: A Path to Conscious Leadership. Online interview with John Renesch. FutureShapers stands for conscious leadership – leadership that inspires, energizes, and gets results. FutureShapers assists leaders in any organization to lead in a way that inspires the creation of a global society that is environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just. FutureShapers are transformational leaders who are no longer driving society on an unsustainable path, but instead leading the way in restoring and transforming the world to a bright collective future – a world that works for all. Listen Here >>

Conscious Leadership: Call for a New Paradigm. Presentation by John Renesch. There is an opening for a new breed of leader in our institutions. Many people are fed up with dysfunctional systems and the so-called leaders that populate them. Renesch describes a new breed of leader and discusses our responsibility to bring about change. Listen Here >>

Note to Leadership: Grow Up. Online interview with John Renesch. We face an urgent collective choice: to opt for responsible adulthood over the adolescent ways we relate to one another and our planet. It is not too late to create a future that is environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just. Renesch identifies behaviors that we need to encourage in ourselves and our leaders. Listen Here >>

John Marshall Roberts

From Rhetoric To Results. Interview with John Marshall Roberts. Explains how environmental intentions and rhetoric can be turned into results that make a difference. Listen Here >>

Leveraging Purpose: The Fourth Bottom Line. Interview with John Marshall Roberts. John talks about his article Leveraging "Purpose", The Fourth Bottom Line. Those who care about the environment and want to make a difference often forget that other people don’t necessarily care. They have not connected it to their own sense of and need for purpose, and what inspires their interest is seeing the life experience of other people who have. Listen Here >>

Three Species Of Environmental Cynicism. Interview with John Marshall Roberts. John talks about his article 3 Species Of Environmental Cynicism. Have you ever been frustrated by the cynicism and apathy that you encounter when trying to convey our environmental challenges to a non-believer? If you answered yes, then check out this interview and read the article linked above. Listen Here >>

Joe Romm

Climate Change, Connecting the Dots. Interview with Joe Romm. Tornadoes, flooding, and fires. With the death tolls rising from more record-breaking weather events, one can't help but wonder if Americans watching CNN, listening to the radio and reading the news are indeed, finally, connecting the dots between what climate scientists had predicted in terms of more destructive storm events, and what we are now witnessing. Listen Here >>

Climate Denial, Education and Politics. Commonwealth Club program with Naomi Oreskes, Joe Romm, and Eugene Scott. There is a war being waged on science by government opponents and special interests, designed to fuel skepticism and discredit the work of climate scientists in the eyes of the public. Their techniques go back to the Greeks, says Joe Romm, author of Language IntelligenceListen Here >>

Language Intelligence: Lessons on Persuasion. Interview with Joe Romm. Discussion of Romm’s latest book, Language Intelligence: Lessons on Persuasion from Jesus, Shakespeare, Lincoln and Lady Gaga. Romm also weighs on extreme heat, fires and drought as well as the political and media lack of discussion on climate and energy issues. Listen Here >>

Smell The Blizzasters. Interview with Joe Romm. As yet another record-breaking 'blizzaster' grips the east coast and beyond, the discussion focuses on what it will take to get America to notice that Ma Nature is trying to tell us something: It's later than we think! The winds are howling, snow piling up, travel at a standstill and Australia is also in the midst of a record setting category 5 storm with winds up 200 mph. Listen Here >>

Why the American Allergy to Global Warming? Interview with Joe Romm. Discussion of America's "allergic reaction" to climate change, Solyndra's non-scandal, and Stephen Colbert’s hilarious take on global warming reality! Listen Here >>

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