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This page is an index of audio programs, including presentations, presentation excerpts, panel discussions, documentary interviews, online interviews, talk radio guest appearances, broadcast radio news and feature stories, green performances, and radio documentaries, for speakers, performers and authors with last names starting with "M."

Diane MacEachern

Easy Concrete Steps For Going Green On A Budget. Interview with Diane MacEachern. If we can shift $1,000 of our family’s yearly household budget to greener products, it will send a strong message to manufacturers that consumers care about their health, safety… and planet. In this audio, you’ll hear what you need to know to make every purchase count. Listen Here >>

Green Divas Radio. Interview with Diane MacEachern. We need to rethink how we manufacture, shop and consume stuff. MacEachern talks about the myth that we are saving money by NOT buying organic milk, while we are still buying cases of bottled water. She estimates that most consumers waste 30% of their grocery budget on things that really have no benefit. Listen Here >>

The Women’s Room. Interview with Diane MacEachern. Host Julia Giacoboni interviews author and environmental advocate Diane MacEachern about how women can use their spending habits to help create a greener more eco-friendly world. Listen Here >>

Lean Into Green. Interview with Diane MacEachern. Women spend $.85 of every consumer dollar. Learn the guiding principles of shopping green. Hear ways to save money by shifting your budget to greener living. Learn about Fair Trade, and the benefits for the entire eco-system when you buy organic. Listen Here >>

Chris Maser

If You Love This Planet: Our Thinking Needs To Change. Interview with Chris Maser. In this episode of Helen Caldicott’s program “If You Love This Planet,” Maser discusses his deepest concerns about what’s happening to the planet and how we can fix these problems by changes in our behavior. Listen Here >>

Rebecca McInroy

The Secret Ingredient Podcast. Hosted by Raj Patel, Tom Philpott & Rebecca McInroy. In each episode of The Secret Ingredient, hosts Raj, Tom and Rebecca chose one food to investigate. They talk with the people whose life's work has been to understand the complex systems of production, distribution, marketing of the chosen food, and discuss the impact that food has on our lives. They won't tell you what to eat, but they will tell you why you're eating it. Listen Here >>

Michael McKechnie

San Francisco Botanical Garden’s Center for Learning. Interview with Michael McKechnie. Lifelong learning is the cornerstone of the San Francisco Botanical Garden’s educational philosophy, explains Executive Director McKechnie. Listen Here >>

Doug McKenzie-Mohr

Fostering Sustainable Behavior. Presentation by Doug McKenzie-Mohr. Behavior change is central to sustainability. We are going to be unable to make the transition unless we are able to work out how to get people to change behaviors related to watershed protection, energy efficiency, transportation choices, waste reduction, and much more. Listen Here >>

Jason McLennan

Going Greener: Jason McLennan Designs Living Buildings. Conversation with Jason McLennan. A “living building” is one that not only does less harm to the world around it but is designed to improve the environment in and around it. Jason also discusses his project to design and build his own home as a living building. Listen Here >>

Founding The Living Building Challenge Rating System. Interview with Jason McLennan. Discussion focuses on his work in founding the Living Building Challenge rating system and on what inspires his visionary practice. Listen Here >>

Planting Buildings: The Living Building Challenge. Conversation with Jason McLennan. A living building is like a flower, planted and rooted to its place. It collects its energy from the sun. It harvests its water from the rain. This building does not pollute. It engages actively with the environmental around it. And its beautiful and inspiring. This is natures blueprint for building a better world, says visionary architect Jason McLennan. Listen Here >>

Jason McLennan: Yes! Magazine Breakthrough 15 Honoree. Interview with Jason McLennan. This interview is part of a series sponsored by Yes! Magazine in honor of their 15 years in print, Yes! selected 15 heroes whose work is helping to create a more just society. Jason McLennan is an architect whose passion for “living buildings” is bringing eco-friendly construction to the next level. Listen Here >>

Evan Mills

NPR’s All Things Considered: Insurers Try To Calculate Risks Of Climate Change (Start 3:30). Interview with Evan Mills. Before Hurricane Katrina came along, U.S. insurers didn't consider climate change when they assessed the risk of events like floods. Now they're factoring in a changing world, and it's costing consumers in places like New Orleans. Listen Here >>

Climate Change and the Insurance Industry. Interview with Evan Mills and Rachel Harold. Has the insurance industry woken up to the role of climate change in making severe storms worse? What will be the effects of climate chaos on insurance companies, and ultimately on customers? Listen Here >>

Earthwatch: Future Financial Climate. Online program featuring Evan Mills. Changes in the Earth's climate could have an enormous impact on financial markets. Global warming might make some natural disasters like storms and heat waves more common, and the insurance industry might have to pay for a lot of the damage. The cost of paying the claims could reverberate through the world of finance. Listen Here >>

Earthwatch: Insurance In A Warmer World. Online program featuring Evan Mills. Insurance coverage might get more expensive or harder to find as the world grows warmer. Changes in the Earth's climate could raise the risk of floods, wildfires and other natural events, and experts say that will seriously affect the insurance industry. Listen Here >>

Earthwatch: Headlines And Bottom Lines. Online program featuring Evan Mills. The insurance industry has a lot of small reasons to pay attention to global warming. The insurance industry is concerned with climate conditions that might change slowly but eventually become impossible to ignore. The slow rising of sea levels offers a good example. Listen Here >>

Michael Moss

Salt Sugar Fat. Matt Levine interviews Michael Moss. Investigative journalist Moss, best-selling author of Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, talks about why you can’t stop eating those chips or cookies, about the ways America’s food giants research, analyze and engineer food to change our tastes, expectations and desires. Listen Here >>

Samuel Myers

Pollinator Declines Threaten Public Health. Interview with Dr. Samuel Myers. Some 200,000 species of animals pollinate crops and help supply about 35 percent of the world’s food, but scientists say pollinator numbers are declining. New studies published in the medical journal The Lancet examine the potential impacts of pollinator loss on staple crops as well as on the availability of vitamins and nutrients. Helen Palmer of PRI’s Living On Earth discusses the findings with Dr. Myers, the study’s author, who explains the impacts on public health. Listen Here >>

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