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This page is an index of audio programs, including presentations, presentation excerpts, panel discussions, documentary interviews, online interviews, talk radio guest appearances, broadcast radio news and feature stories, green performances, and radio documentaries, for speakers, performers and authors with last names starting with "E."

Duane Elgin

Collective Crisis Meets Collective Wisdom. Interview with Duane Elgin. Discusses how higher consciousness and spirituality can in these extreme times make good on their promise to uplift and change human beings and our world. Explores how the process of awakening to higher levels of consciousness can play a key role in helping human beings find the inner resources to rise to the unique challenges of our current world crises so that we can make a transition to a sustainable human presence. Listen Here >>

Awakening Earth: Exploring the Evolution of Human Culture and Consciousness. Interview with Duane Elgin. Discussion of building a better world: Can we imagine it (to build it we must first imagine it); can we manifest it globally via a movement; and can we manifest it locally by building new kinds of community and by choosing a life path of greater satisfaction and simplicity. Listen Here >>

Peter Ellis

Interview With Renowned Architect Peter Ellis. Interview conducted by David Gottfried. Ellis discusses his work on very large site and city design, including Jaypee Sports City that is home to a million people in India, 30 miles south of New Delhi. His city and campus design practice embraces new concepts on transportation, water, energy and waste. Another specialty is the re-structuring of America’s 19th-century cities, focusing on how they could contribute positively to the natural environment. Listen Here >>

Paul Ehrlich

The Annihilation of Nature. Interview with Paul Ehrlich. Biologist Ehrlich discusses a book he co-wrote, The Annihilation of Nature: Human Extinction of Birds and Mammals. The mass extinction of species is accelerating, he explains, and that also threatens humans as the web of life upon which we depend for our survival is shredded. Listen Here >>

Are We Headed Toward Extinction? Interview with Paul Ehrlich. NPR’s Science Friday talks with the biologist and author about his book The Dominant Animal and about why scientists studying many different parts of the planet's ecosystems are warning that Earth may be on the verge of a sixth major mass extinction event. Listen Here >>

Christine Ervin

Building Demand for Green Construction. Online audio story including short clip of Christine Ervin. To the environmentalist, “green” refers to something environmentally friendly. When manufacturers refer to green, they usually mean money. But with an increase in the demand for environmentally sound buildings, manufacturers have the opportunity to combine the two definitions. For those who see the possibility, retooling to meet the demand for green construction could mean a large payoff in a burgeoning industry. Listen Here >>

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