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Chip & Paper Mills, Paper Products’s video stock footage clips are no longer available for purchase. We will continue to make our more than 5000 preview clips viewable for historical and archival purposes.

Operating Paper Mill - vs0261
59 Clips TRT 15:00
Paper mill with smoke stacks. Log loader picking logs off a truck and stacking them. Track loaders climbing a large pile of wood chips. Truck trailer dumps a load of wood chips. Air monitoring shed. Wood chips being blown into a pile. Grapple picks up log sections from large pile and dumps them into a water trough leading to mill. Foamy brown wastewater flowing into settling ponds. Treated wastewater being released into river. QuickTime Preview Here

Chip Mill & Wood Chipping - vs0391
6 Clips TRT 2:22
Pan from chip mill company sign to piles of chipped wood and grapple loaders moving logs. Shots of loaders with a large log stack in the background. Panning wide shot from log piles to loaders and wood chip piles. Tractor placing logs on log pile. Log truck carrying logs passing chip mill. QuickTime Preview Here

Chipco Mill - vs0494
18 Clips TRT 2:40
A grapple on a boom and cable drops wood debris and small logs into a metal bin. Varied shots of a large raised structure with conveyor belts and piles of wood chips below. Docked barges. Front loader driving on top of a large pile of wood chips. QuickTime Preview Here

Operating Paper Mill-1 - vs0508
13 Clips TRT 3:38
Zooms and pans of an operating paper mill. Wide shot of mill with stacks emitting smoke. Smoke stacks with city street and houses in foreground. Wide shot silhouette of tall smoke stacks at sunset. Large log piles being watered by a high pressure rotating sprinkler with an operating cable grapple in the background. Pan of cut logs on rail cars. QuickTime Preview Here

Paper Mill On Water & Smokestack - vs0509
5 Clips TRT 2:27
Wide shot of an operating paper mill and smokestacks on a river. Pan from the mill to an adjacent town with a river in the foreground. All shots in winter with snow on the ground. Close ups of a smokestack emitting white smoke. QuickTime Preview Here

Home Paper Products & Publications - vs0512
12 Clips TRT 4:01
Dolly shots of store shelves displaying packages of paper cups, paper plates, facial tissues, napkins, toilet paper (bath tissue), and paper towels. Static shots of rolls of paper towels made from recycled paper being taken from a shelf by a customer's hand. Dolly shot of large magazine and paperback book display rack. QuickTime Preview Here

In Forest Chipping & Loading Truck - vs0513
17 Clips TRT 6:13
Wood chipper with a grapple boom chipping wood in a forest and blowing wood chips into a semi truck trailer. Shots of the grapple feeding small delimbed trees into the chipper. Close up of trees being pulled into the chipper by toothed rollers. Close up of wood chips being blown into the truck. Skidder hauling trees to the chipper. Loaded truck driving away. QuickTime Preview Here

Container Pulp Mill - vs0526
31 Clips TRT 11:11
Varied shots of a container pulp mill. Wide, medium, and close ups of operating mill buildings and smoke stacks. A stream of wood chips being dropped onto a large pile. Close up of material flowing off a conveyor belt. Truck scale entrance sign with flashing yellow light. Aerial views of a pulp mill with adjacent ponds and river. QuickTime Preview Here

Lumber & Pulping Mill - vs0527
17 Clips TRT 6:27
Close up shots of logs being pulled into a machine by rollers with large teeth. Logs on a conveyor belt being cut by a large retracting circular saw. Close ups of wood chips on a conveyor belt. Cut wood posts emerging from a machine. Close ups and wide shots of a debarker removing bark from a rotating log. Aerial wide shots of the mill and surrounding forest. QuickTime Preview Here

Paper Mill Wastewater Effluent - vs0528
15 Clips TRT 2:33
Pans and zooms of a wastewater settling pond with a paper mill in the background. Foamy brown effluent flowing into the pond. Close ups of roiling brown water and thick foam. Water being released into a river. Panning wide shot from river to paper mill. QuickTime Preview Here | Details >>

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