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Preparing To Transport Logs’s video stock footage clips are no longer available for purchase. We will continue to make our more than 5000 preview clips viewable for historical and archival purposes.

Skidder Drags Cut Trees - vs0258
11 Clips TRT 1:33
A skidder with articulated steering drags cut trees along a muddy path in a forest. Shots of the skidder reeling logs in with its winch. Shots of the logs dragging on the ground behind the skidder. Skidder climbing on top of a log pile and pulling logs onto it. Close ups of its large tractor tires. QuickTime Preview Here

Mountain Cable Logging - vs0259
9 Clips TRT 2:03
Logs on a cable being pulled up a steep mountainside in winter. Logs being lowered to the ground, being grabbed by a log loader, and pulled up the slope. Close up of a grapple (hydraulically powered claw) moving logs. Shot of the log loader turning on its base and moving logs. QuickTime Preview Here | Details >>

Mountain Cable Logging-1 - vs0387
4 Clips TRT 0:29
Shots of a cable logging system (aka, skyline or dragline logging) in operation on a mountainside. Wide shot of logs being dragged up a slope in a cloud of dust. Side shot of the logs reaching the top of the hill. Shot of the dragline operator at work. Shot of logs being lowered to the ground. Circa 1980s. QuickTime Preview Here

Cut & Load Logs To Leave Forest - vs0388
6 Clips TRT 0:11
Close up shots of a log being cut on a slasher (a sawbuck with a retractable mechanical saw). One shot includes a grapple moving a cut log. Short wide shot of a logging truck piled with logs next to a slasher saw and a log loader with a forest in the background. Circa 1980s. QuickTime Preview Here

Cut Trees Dragged In Snow - vs0392
6 Clips TRT 2:07
Views of a skidder dragging cut trees through a snow covered forest while it is snowing. Shot of a worker climbing down from the skidder and removing tow cables from the trees. Panning shot of the skidder passing without trees. QuickTime Preview Here

Forest Cable Logging - vs0402
6 Clips TRT 0:50
Shots of a cable logging system in operation in a forest. Trees being pulled along a skid with a zoom out to show the yarder in the foreground. Panning shots of logs being dragged through a forest on a cable. Close up of a carriage moving along a skyline cable. QuickTime Preview Here

Cut Trees For Truck Transport - vs0411
7 Clips TRT 1:27
Wide shot of a log loader hoisting logs onto a slasher. Wide shots and close ups of logs being cut by a slasher saw. Shots of a grapple picking up the cut pieces and placing them on a log pile. Close up of a skidder driving through a forest. QuickTime Preview Here

Mountain Cable Logging-2 - vs0499
44 Clips TRT 15:40
Varied shots of a cable logging operation on a snow covered mountainside. Logs being dragged up the hillside by a cable. Shots of a yarder with an integrated log loader picking up and moving logs with its grapple. Logger removing cables wrapped around logs. QuickTime Preview Here

Cut Trees For Truck Transport-1 - vs0500
40 Clips TRT 14:46
Diverse shots of a tree sizer measuring, cutting, and stacking logs on a mountainside in winter. Close ups and wide shots of the machine head picking up a log, extending along its length, clamping down, cutting the log with its retractable saw, and placing the log in a stack. Wide shot from adjacent mountain. QuickTime Preview Here

Skidder Drags Cut Trees In Snow - vs0501
53 Clips TRT 15:15
Close up, medium, and wide shots of a grapple skidder dragging cut trees through a snow covered forest, unloading, and driving back into the forest. Views of the grapple claw and large tractor tires with snow chains. Shots of the skidder lowering its front metal push blade and pushing logs into a pile. QuickTime Preview Here

Skidder Drags Cut Trees In Snow-1 - vs0502
7 Clips TRT 2:14
A red skidder drags cut trees in the snow with a hydraulically powered claw (aka, a grapple). Varied shots of logs being dragged down a logging road. Shots of the skidder driving without logs. Close ups of tractor tires with metal chains. QuickTime Preview Here

Logs Stacked In Forest - vs0521
15 Clips TRT 2:45
Shots of a pile of cut and stacked logs next to tracked equipment with a log cutting head. Panning shots from a stack of pine trees to a dirt logging road with snow next to it. Piles of logs covered with snow. Static close ups of a cross-section of a cut log. Wide shot pan of a steep forest hillside with a pile of logs stacked on the ridge next to logging equipment. QuickTime Preview Here

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