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Forests, Symbols, Impacts & Planting’s video stock footage clips are no longer available for purchase. We will continue to make our more than 5000 preview clips viewable for historical and archival purposes.

Trees & Forests - vs0118
5 Clips TRT 0:59
Varied static shots of trees and forests. Trees and tall grasses with warm sunlight. Bald eagles sitting on tree branches with no leaves and wisps of fog covering the forest background. Silhouette of a standing tall dead tree (aka, a snag) with blue sky and thin clouds. Looking up at a dead tree surrounded by live trees and a blue sky. QuickTime Preview Here

Forest Views In Summer - vs0257
5 Clips TRT 0:38
Panning shot of tall trees on a forested hillside. Static shot of young tree next to a large stump with a forest and power lines in background. Static wide shot of a stand of trees with a small creek. Foggy static shot of thin tree branches in foreground with a silhouette of a tree in the background. QuickTime Preview Here

Logging Debate: Signs Of Conflict - vs0264
10 Clips TRT 1:17
Static shots of various signs used in the logging conflict. "We Support The Timber Industry" sign in an office window, a "Log It" license plate, a "Trees Grow Jobs" hanging sign, and a "This Business Supported By Timber Dollars" window sign. Static shots and zooms of a marquee sign that reads "No Chip Mills. Sign Petition Here." QuickTime Preview Here

Clear Cut Logging Impacts - vs0265
22 Clips TRT 4:15
Panning shots of a clear cut hillside and adjacent forest. Zooms and pans of a large clear cut area with dirt roads and trees in the distance. Panning shots from moving car of a large devastated area with piles of tree debris and dried mud. Static shots and pans of a field of stumps with a grey sky and light rain. QuickTime Preview Here

Paul Bunyan Statue In Bangor Maine - vs0394
9 Clips TRT 1:44
Varied shots of a large multi-colored fiberglass Paul Bunyan Statue in Bangor, Maine, under grey skies with light swirling snowfall. Close up of his bearded smiling face with rosy cheeks. Pans up and down showing his checkered shirt, belt, pants, boots, and an ax and pike pole he is holding. QuickTime Preview Here

Union Logo - vs0395
3 Clips TRT 0:34
Zoom in, zoom out, and static shots of a union logo on a wood door. Encircled by the above text the logo shows two hands shaking in front of an outline of North America with the United States and Canadian flags. QuickTime Preview Here

Taking Cores & Tree Ring Views - vs0397
5 Clips TRT 1:20
Static close ups of hands screwing a tree core sampling tool into the trunk of a tree. Medium shot showing a man turning the tree corer, then quickly zooming in to a close up of him measuring the depth of the tree corer in the tree. Close up shots of hands gently pulling out the core sample and showing the growth rings of the tree. QuickTime Preview Here

Displays At Logger Museum - vs0400
9 Clips TRT 1:10
Static shots of individual black and white photos of logging equipment with descriptive text on a logger museum wall. "Wildlife Management" display sign with smaller text that reads "The Chainsaw Is The Deer's Best Friend." Panning zooms from signage to dioramas of forest scenes. Static shot of a U.S. forest zone map. QuickTime Preview Here

Wanted Wood Lot Sign - vs0457
2 Clips TRT 0:19
Static portrait shots of a hand-written sign with black lettering on white paper that reads "Wanted. Wood lot. One man. One skidder. Respect For Your Land. Inquire here." QuickTime Preview Here

Reforestation & Tree Planting - vs0514
18 Clips TRT 3:06
Saplings being watered on tree farm. A boot tamping down dirt next to newly planted sapling. Varied shots of people planting trees on a clear cut hillside (circa 1970s). Shots of a small plow pulling a trailer carrying a person placing saplings one-at-a-time into a mechanical planting device. QuickTime Preview Here

Tree Farm & Rows Of Trees - vs0522
7 Clips TRT 1:32
Static shot of a "Tree Farm" sign. Shots of a tree farm with a lumber company sign that reads "Planted 1969. Thinned 1987 & 92." Rows of trees on a tree farm shot from a moving car. Slow speed shot of walking through a tree farm along a row of stumps next to tree rows. QuickTime Preview Here

Soil Loss: Hill Cuts, Water & Wind - vs0523
19 Clips TRT 7:47
Views of a logging operation on a snow covered mountainside. Shot of cut trees being dragged up a slope and creating a brown dirt cut in the mountainside. Close ups, zoom, and pan of a stream of muddy water running down tire tracks on a dirt road. Aerial shots of a big cloud of dust from a log truck on a dirt logging road. QuickTime Preview Here

Aerial Shots Of Forest - vs0525
4 Clips TRT 0:46
Varied aerial shots of forests. A wide shot of a tree at the edge of a forest being cut down by a feller buncher. Wide shots of an expansive forest with a logging truck kicking up dust on a dirt road. Medium shot of a canopy of green trees in a forest. QuickTime Preview Here

Forests In Snow - vs0565
30 Clips TRT 3:39
Shots of forested hillsides with low hanging clouds and snow covered mountains in the background. Multiple pans of coniferous trees with snow on the ground. Zoom out and wide shot of snow covered mountainsides with tree branches covered with snow. Varied static shots of forests in snow. QuickTime Preview Here

Logging Impacts On Land & Soils - vs0578
24 Clips TRT 4:15
Zoom out shot from a large pile of logging wastes to piles of dead wood in a barren dirt field. Pans and shots moving along muddy logging roads surrounded by piles of dead tree limbs and disturbed earth in logged areas. Close up pans and zooms of a stump next to tree debris. QuickTime Preview Here

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