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Sheep Ranching’s video stock footage clips are no longer available for purchase. We will continue to make our more than 5000 preview clips viewable for historical and archival purposes.

Grazing Sheep And Sheep Dog - vs0280
12 Clips TRT 2:41
Varied shots of a flock of sheep grazing in a pasture of tall green and brown grass while being watched by a white sheep dog. Shots of one black sheep among a bunch of white ones. Shots of the dog sitting in tall grass and also walking through the grass. QuickTime Preview Here | Details >>

Rancher On Horseback & Sheep Dogs - vs0335
5 Clips TRT 1:10
Static shots of a rancher wearing a cowboy hat on horseback riding down a dirt road accompanied by two black and white sheep dogs. Sheep run across road when rancher and dogs approach. Road is surrounded by small green trees and tall grasses. QuickTime Preview Here

Sheep Grazing In Tall Grass - vs0336
16 Clips TRT 4:27
Medium and wide shots of sheep crossing grassy meadows with green leaved aspen trees in the background. Shots of sheep walking along a dirt road. Includes some shots of a white sheep dog. QuickTime Preview Here

Rancher On Horseback & Sheep Dog-1 - vs0337
18 Clips TRT 3:11
A rancher wearing chaps mounts a horse while a black and white sheep dog runs around him. Shots of the rancher on horseback with the dog. Close ups of the dog sitting and panting, then quickly getting up and running. Dog running in tall grass. QuickTime Preview Here

Ranchers Moving Herd Of Sheep - vs0338
21 Clips TRT 8:51
Shots of ranchers on horseback moving a very large herd of sheep over hillsides and through meadows. Ranchers herding sheep with clouds of dust rising. Some shots showing ranch hand trailers and sheep dogs. Warm late afternoon light. QuickTime Preview Here

Ranchers Move Sheep Into Corral - vs0339
25 Clips TRT 7:11
Shots of ranchers on horseback moving a large herd of sheep into a wooden corral with dust filling the air. Shots of sheep rushing into the corral. Ranch hand on foot moving sheep. Zooms and pans showing corral full of sheep with aspen trees in the background. QuickTime Preview Here

Sheep Portraits On Grass - vs0341
8 Clips TRT 1:33
Static shots of sheep grazing in a pen with green grass. A white sheep with black head and legs standing and eating grass with a fence in the background. Shots of a sheep laying on grass chewing its cud with two smaller sheep standing and eating in the background. QuickTime Preview Here

Trailer Housing For Ranch Hands - vs0346
4 Clips TRT 0:37
Portrait shot of a white mobile home in a grassy field with its door open. A shot of a row of small ranch hand trailers in a field. A larger mobile home with aspen trees in the foreground and a child walking with a dog. QuickTime Preview Here

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