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Ranching, Cattle & Meat’s video stock footage clips are no longer available for purchase. We will continue to make our more than 5000 preview clips viewable for historical and archival purposes.

Supermarket Meat Counter - vs0277
9 Clips TRT 0:55
Includes dolly shots of packaged red meat and poultry. Static wide shot of meat on shelves in a refrigerated bin. One zoom out from price sign. One zoom out from package label. QuickTime Preview Here

Beef Lovers - vs0278
13 Clips TRT 2:42
Close up of steak being cut with knife and fork. Extreme close up profile of a man eating a burger. Zoom out from "Half LB Monsterburger" marquee sign. Large cheeseburger banner sign. Fast food restaurant billboard that says "Welcome To Big Beef Country." Promotional billboard that reads "Enjoy Beef. Real Food For Real People." QuickTime Preview Here

Cattle Grazing In Light Snow - vs0279
11 Clips TRT 2:24
Varied shots of a small herd of cattle grazing in a field dusted with snow. Zooms in and out from grazing cattle. Static wide shots of cattle with wood and barbed wire fence in foreground. Zoom out from fence close up. Shot of cattle walking in field. QuickTime Preview Here | Details>>

Steers Lock Horns - vs0284
4 Clips TRT 1:20
Shot of two black steers locking horns in the middle of a road. Repeated at slower speed. Shots of a cowboy on horseback with a dog crossing the road and driving off the steers. QuickTime Preview Here

Cattle Close-Ups On Rangeland - vs0327
28 Clips TRT 7:27
Static shot of a black cow crossing a grassland area. Portrait shots of cattle in fields. Zooms, pans, and static close ups of cattle. Cattle looking into the camera. Cattle kicking up dust. Wide shots of cattle on rangeland with mountains in the background. QuickTime Preview Here

Cattle In Pasture With Trees - vs0328
10 Clips TRT 2:05
Static shots of cattle standing and walking with trees in the background. Wide zooming shots in and out from cattle with a green field in the foreground. QuickTime Preview Here

Cattle Grazing & Storm Approaching - vs0329
7 Clips TRT 3:01
Shots of cattle walking in a field with tall brush being blown by the wind. Panning shot with cattle walking in the sunny foreground with deep shadows cast by dark storm clouds on the hillside in the background. Zoom out from cattle to a wide shot of a green meadow with mountains and dark cloudy skies in the background. QuickTime Preview Here

Grazing Cattle Viewed From Car - vs0330
2 Clips TRT 1:09
Two panning wide shots of cattle grazing in fields taken from a moving car. One shot with low dry grasses and clear blue sky. One shot with green grass, partly cloudy skies, and mountains in the background. QuickTime Preview Here

Cattle Grazing Around A Pond - vs0332
6 Clips TRT 0:39
Zooming out and static wide shots of cattle standing and lying down around a pond in a large grass field. QuickTime Preview Here

Cattle Feedlots Wood Pens - vs0333
10 Clips TRT 2:19
Close up, medium, and wide shots of a large number of cattle in a wood feedlot pen. Shots of cattle behind a wood fence. Shots of cows running and kicking up dust. QuickTime Preview Here

Cattle Feedlots Metal Pens - vs0334
17 Clips TRT 1:31
A static shot of cattle in metal feedlot pens. Panning wide shots of a feedlot taken from a moving car. Tight and medium shots of cattle packed together behind a metal fence. Shots of a gated dirt road between two feedlot pens. QuickTime Preview Here

Cattle By Wood Fence & Building - vs0344
3 Clips TRT 0:18
Shots of cattle standing in a field behind a log fence. One wide shot of cattle lying in a field in front of a house with small branches in the foreground framing the shot. QuickTime Preview Here

Truck Brings Water To Corral - vs0345
6 Clips TRT 1:37
Wide shot of a red and white water truck pulling up to a corral. Varied shots of a young cowboy with a hose putting water into the corral, including shots of him standing and sitting on the wood corral fence. QuickTime Preview Here

No Trespassing Sign On Ranch Gate - vs0348
8 Clips TRT 1:43
Close ups, wide shots, and zooms of a yellow "No Trespassing" and ranch name sign on a rusted metal ranch gate. Behind the gate is a field with trees and blue sky in the background. QuickTime Preview Here

Cattle Grazing From Distance - vs0349
4 Clips TRT 0:59
Wide shots of cattle grazing in the distance on a dry grassy field with a stand of trees in the background. Grasses blowing in the wind. Pan up from cow patties (manure) close up to cattle in distance. Zoom out to extremely wide shot of the same field with cow patties on the ground. QuickTime Preview Here

Cow & Calf - vs0353
2 Clips TRT 0:28
Static shots of a cow and a calf in a green field with rocky hills in the background. The cow drops its head down and eats from a small barrel as the calf walks and stands nearby. QuickTime Preview Here

Cows & Hay Bales In Snow - vs0358
3 Clips TRT 0:17
Low angle close ups of cows feeding on hay bales in the snow. The cows have a dusting of snow on their backs. Grey sky with light snowfall. QuickTime Preview Here

Matador Fighting Bull - vs0426
17 Clips TRT 0:26
Red sepia toned shots of a matador fighting a bull. Close ups of the bull and the matador. Shots of the bull charging and running into a large elastic band in front of the matador. Shot of the matador moving away holding his cape as the bull charges. Reaction shots of the crowd in the stadium. Circa 1960s. QuickTime Preview Here

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