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Farming’s video stock footage clips are no longer available for purchase. We will continue to make our more than 5000 preview clips viewable for historical and archival purposes.

Operating Combine - vs0281
5 Clips TRT 2:42
Views of a red combine harvesting fields of grain. Medium, wide, and extremely wide shots. Medium shot shows combine moving toward the camera and then turning perpendicular to it. Sunny with light blue sky and grain waving in the wind. QuickTime Preview Here | Details >>

Hay Bales In Fields & Stacked - vs0282
12 Clips TRT 2:39
Shots of round hay bales (a.k.a. hay rolls) in a green field, then zoom to wideshot of fields and sky. Stacks of round hay bales in a field. Multiple shots including adjacent sprinklers irrigating field. One angled shot looking down at round hay bales in a dry field. QuickTime Preview Here

Center Pivot Overhead Irrigation - vs0283
20 Clips TRT 4:52
Views of center pivot overhead irrigation systems irrigating fields (aka, watering fields). Static wideshot of pivot system operating in the middle of a green field with a red barn in the background. Multiple zooms out from close ups of irrigation heads to wideshots of the pivot system in operation. Shots of an irrigation system operating next to stacked hay bales. QuickTime Preview Here | Details >>

Operating Combines - vs0340
23 Clips TRT 5:34
Varied shots of combines harvesting windrows of dried grasses in fields. Shot of combine lifting its header, turning 90 degrees, and dropping it back down. Shots of rear of combine spitting out and spreading chaff and straw. Close ups of header and cross auger taking in grasses. Multiple shots of two combines working in the same field. QuickTime Preview Here

Green Tractor Plowing Field - vs0350
4 Clips TRT 0:57
Shots of a green tractor plowing a field of dry grass. One shot panning with the tractor. One extremely wide static shot of the tractor crossing the field with a building in the distance. QuickTime Preview Here

Combine Unloading Into Truck - vs0351
3 Clips TRT 0:53
Static wide shot from the rear of a combine pulling up to a truck and unloading grain. Farmer steps down and checks the combine. Close up of grain blowing out of a tube and into the truck with clouds of grain dust billowing. Close up of farmer operating a combine. QuickTime Preview Here

Windmill, Water Pump & Cattle - vs0352
7 Clips TRT 1:18
Static wide shot of a metal water-pumping windmill (a.k.a. a wind pump) with a cow and two calves below it and in front of metal water troughs. Close up of the rotating blades of the windmill. Zoom out from cows to wide shot. Green hillside and blue sky background. QuickTime Preview Here

Red Tractor Plowing Field - vs0354
2 Clips TRT 0:21
Two static wideshots of a red tractor pulling a plow in a dry grass field. These profile views show the tractor entering the frame, plowing across the field, and exiting the frame. QuickTime Preview Here

Combine Operating In Grain Fields - vs0355
2 Clips TRT 0:51
Two static wide shots of a combine operating in grain fields. The combine creates a cloud of dust as it moves across the fields. Uncut grain waves in the wind in the foreground. QuickTime Preview Here

Combine Operating In Grain Fields-1 - vs0356
2 Clips TRT 1:07
Shot of a combine harvesting a swath of grain in a field. While the combine is moving, the operator steps out of the cab and checks the grain bin. Distant wide shot of a combine turning around at the far end of a field. QuickTime Preview Here

Tractor Plowing With Close-Ups - vs0357
3 Clips TRT 0:22
Close up shot of a disc plow behind a tractor plowing a field. Medium shot of the rear of a tractor pulling a plow through a dirt field, dust rising from field. Zoom out from profile of tractor in field, with birds and dried corn stalks in the foreground. QuickTime Preview Here

Tobacco Farm & Harvesting Tobacco - vs0359
6 Clips TRT 0:37
Zoom out shot of farmer in overalls harvesting tobacco. Farmer cutting tobacco and spearing it on a drying pole. Farmer loading a pole of harvested tobacco onto a flatbed. Farmer driving tractor surrounded by tobacco plants. Wideshot of farmers hanging poles of tobacco in a barn. Circa 1970s. QuickTime Preview Here

Herbicide Spraying & Waste Cans - vs0360
2 Clips TRT 0:13
Zooming shot showing a pile of herbicide cans ending with a close up showing a can labeled "Triverdax" (a name for trifluralin). Wide shot of an herbicide spraying vehicle turning around in a field and lowering its boom sprayer. QuickTime Preview Here

Farming & Ranching Structures - vs0567
8 Clips TRT 1:11
Shots of a ranch house in the background with a tractor in a field in the foreground. Zoom out from gated dirt road next to cattle pens with a dairy silo in the background. Wide shot of part of a barn with farmers hanging tobacco and farm field in background. Wideshot of fields with three silos on the horizon. QuickTime Preview Here

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