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EcoIQ Magazine is an online journal which includes features, opinion, news and events, resources, and reviews of interest to those working on water and wastewater issues.

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What We Learned in the Rainforest: Business Lessons from Nature (Spring 2002)
By Tachi Kiuchi and Bill Shireman

In the rainforest, nature uses feedback to "close the loop." In the face of limits, feedback triggers adaptations that lessen or make an end-run around physical constraints. In business, companies like Coors use feedback to "close the loop," triggering innovations that lead to new products, processes, businesses, and profits.

Oil: More Costly Than You Think (Summer 2000)
By Lauren Poole

Every time gas prices rise, there is a public outcry to reduce the cost of oil. What most Americans donít realize, however, is that they have been paying a very high price for oil - but only a fraction at the gas pump - for years.

Tree Cover Drops - Loss Costs DC Millions (Spring 2000)

Washington DC has experienced a dramatic loss of tree cover since 1973, including a 64 percent decline in the most ecologically valuable areas with heavy tree cover, according to a new report by the national conservation group American Forests.

Restructuring the Global Economy (Winter 2000)
By Lester R. Brown

There has been more growth in world population since 1950 than during the preceding four million years -- from when we first stood upright. I donít think we have yet grasped the dimensions of the consequences of the sort of population growth that we are experiencing.

Urgent Infrastructure Needs Remain Unmet (Summer 1999)

One year after the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) outlined $1.3 trillion in critical infrastructure needs, the Society reports that urgent needs in the nationís school buildings, airports, water infrastructure and waste disposal systems remain unmet. However, the Society says the federal government has responded to the nationís surface transportation needs.

Right To Know To Grow (Spring 1999)

Fulfilling Vice President Gore's 1998 Earth Day commitment to expand the public's right to know about toxic chemicals released into local communities, the EPA has proposed to increase public reporting of such releases by almost 25 percent.

Applications For Chemical Microtechnology (Spring 1999)

Chemical processing systems are undergoing a transformation - and a dramatic reduction in size - that may soon allow groundbreaking applications in biohazardous conditions, fuel-cell-powered automobiles, and waste treatment.

Opportunities In Nonpoint Source Regulation (Winter 1999)

The recent outbreak of the dangerous Pfisteria microbe in the Chesapeake Bay area demonstrates not only the profound effect that agriculture can have on the health of waterbodies and the economies they sustain, but also the differences in how states respond.

Citizens Want Teeth In Environmental Laws (Fall 1998)

The majority of people in the most populous countries want tougher laws to protect the environment, according to the largest-ever international survey of public opinion on the environment.

Flush With Success (Fall 1998)

A new study says that efficient toilets, showerheads, and faucets could save billions of dollars in water infrastructure costs for communities that encourage them.

Living Beyond Our Means (2013)
By Dennis Church

The idea that we humans may be growing beyond – or overshooting – the capacity of the natural resources we depend upon to sustain us has a long history. It has proven premature when previously asserted, but now appears increasingly realistic. More…

Dissatisfaction Guaranteed (Spring 2001)
By Dave Wann

It's like going into a room and forgetting what you came for, except in this case it's the whole culture, forgetting. We forget to ask, "What's an economy for?" En route to a brand new American millennium, we got detoured. Price tags and bar codes began to coat the surfaces of our lives, as every single activity became a transaction. Eating, entertainment, socializing, health, even religion - all became marketable commodities.

Promise Ahead: A Vision of Hope and Action for Humanityís Future (Summer 2000)
By Duane Elgin

How grown up do you think humanity is? When you look at human behavior around the world and then imagine our species as one individual, how old would that person be? A toddler? A teenager? A young adult? An elder?

Damn the Torpedoes & Torpedo the Dams (Spring 2000)
By Robert Caughlan

Four hundred miles of Californiaís fabulous beaches are starving for sand, but surfers and other beach lovers have the muscle to bring them back. We know why theyíre starving and shrinking, and we know how to rescue them.

Environmental Stewardship Vs. Economic Devel. (Winter 2000)
By Walter McGuire

In the long term, the economy and the environment are inextricably linked. Today's economy depends heavily on the availability and cost of resources. Yet, we have built an economy that values resource consumption rather than stewardship.

Intergenerational Ethics In Water Supply Planning (Fall 1999)
By Eric Rosenblum

In 1746 Benjamin Franklin warned, "When the Well's dry, we know the Worth of Water." As difficult as it is to anticipate thirst in the midst of rain, it is even harder to appreciate today the needs of generations yet unborn, and to provide for them.

Act Now ... Or Wastewater Costs Will Swamp Communities (Summer 1999)

The "Cost of Clean" is rising sharply. To focus national attention on skyrocketing wastewater infrastructure costs, two leading national water quality organizations have released startling findings on massive funding gaps facing local governments across the country.

Urban Living in the New Millennium (Winter, 1999)
By Jerry T. Estruth

The leaders of our cities are struggling to build transportation systems and to create communities that are livable and provide an environment friendly to people and animals. Slowly, awareness is growing and methods are being developed to enable us to build self-sufficient places to live in the future...

Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization (2009)
By Lester Brown

In this updated edition of the landmark Plan B, Lester Brown outlines a survival strategy for our early twenty-first-century civilization. The scale and complexity of issues facing our fast-forward world have no precedent. With Plan A, business as usual, we have neglected these issues. In Plan B 3.0, Brown warns that the only effective response now is a World War II-type mobilization like that in the United States after the attack on Pearl Harbor. More…

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News Feeds & Summaries (2014)

Includes news feeds from the Environmental News Service and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Also links to the complete News & Events archive. More…

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Includes resources for conference and campus activity planners, for authors and environmental journalists, for educators, for nonprofit leaders and organizations, and for political leaders and green advocates. More…

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Conference & Campus Speakers On
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